Thursday, August 13, 2015

Christmas 2013

So Christmas wasn't what we expected, as I said in the last post, but it wasn't awful together. We are ridiculously blessed.  So, here are the pictures of how you make Christmas split between a hospital room and home all work out. 

I bought these stockings, this year,  after wanting them for years from Pottery Barn. Because we generally don't' give the kids presents and instead give them an "experience" for Christmas, stockings are the only "gifts" they get from their Mom and Dad. So, I had such high expectations of filling them this year. HA!!  Instead, we have awesome Church friends who not only filled the stockings, but bought gifts for our kids to open on Christmas, and totally overwhelmed Chris and I with love. 

What Christmas in a hospital room looks like :)

Christmas Lunch - from the hospital cafeteria. It was delicious I'm sure!

Later on, on Christmas Day, my parents flew in from Florida. 
It was such a fun distraction for GiGi and Poppa to show up!!

The day after Christmas, after the football players came, we got the best gift of all because Caleb was told he could GO HOME!!!!  

So, home they came and the celebrating continued with even more presents. At our house even more people had brought gifts to show us just how loved and not alone we were. 

This smiling boy on our couch makes me heart so happy…. and the boys together is perfection!

Although there aren't pictures to document it, i would hate to forget that we also got gifts from the hospital. They come into hospital rooms on Christmas Eve and load up the poor kids that are in the rooms with gifts. and while that is sweet and thoughtful, the part of it I'll never forget is that when Caleb got up the next morning and saw all the unwrapped gifts sitting on his "breakfast table" he was excited - but not just for himself because he immediately started thinking of which of his siblings would like which gift that was there. It never even crossed his mind that they would all be for him when he knew he had brothers and sisters that were coming for Christmas too :) I love his heart and the way he wanted to share with his siblings and am looking forward to the man he grows up to be. 

 and once all the Christmas celebrating was over, we piled in the van and started the trek to Florida….

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