Friday, November 7, 2014

New House (again)

So this house is 2600 sq ft on an acre. It's in a really great older neighborhood at the end of a cup de sac. So, that's not awful either :)

The yard is mostly in the back/side. It's pretty wooded although there is a pretty great flat spot on the side where we think the swing set will fit. 

 We think there's probably some significant water that can flow thru when it rains! 

This side is where there's the flat spot. The property line goes all the way out to where you can see out little people. That's Cherie (our realtor) out there telling them that their mommy needs to get some bunnies for the cage they're looking at. 

back of the house

I guess this is technically a family/living room. We're thinking if we knock out the top and side of those cabinets it will make it all seem much more open.
Tiny kitchen. There's blank wall where I'm standing that will probably turn into cabinets for storage 

Dining/formal living room. Thru the opening and to the left is the front door. 

this deck-ish room has several options. It could be a school room. Chris likes it for an office. and we both like the idea of it just being a porch. So, we'll see!

  all the upstairs bedrooms are a pretty good size. but they all look like this
 so there's lots of potential :)

down the scary stairs to the basement...

 that for real looks like this. We're thinking we'll take out the drop ceilings because there are pretty great beams  hidden there. The cement block walls will have to be dry walled. and that working wood stove will have to be moved if we're gonna let our kids inhabit the basement.

This is off the main part of the basement. It doesn't have a door but is a room of some kind

and this room is off of the one before (to the right) it has an old upright piano in it and t he entire room has closets around that's weird but Chris thinks it may be a great start for bunks to be build into the walls :)

this is the other bedroom downstairs. It's pretty big and we're thinking the girls will end up in here together. although Cadence isn't thrilled about that. and she "hates the carpet" so we told her we'd lay some new carpet. But she does like the desk/shelves built into the wall so maybe they will stay! I saw this cool thing on Pinterest where if you paint something like that a different accent color it looks pretty neat. So, maybe we'll try something like that to  break up the monotony of the paneling (which we will probably also paint)

So, there it is! I'm just praying this house crap gets settled quickly!! any and all ideas are welcome to make this house not look quite so much like the one we grew up in :)


Elizabeth Bradley said...

I love it! And of course I have a bazillion questions. :-)

How many bedrooms / bathrooms are upstairs?

Is there a bathroom in the basement?

Can you all live in the top part until the basement is done?

I wonder if you could / should use the fireplace kitchen room as your dining room (like the picture Em showed us - so so nice!) and just use that big front room as a living room... even if you arranged the furniture so it had two areas... a TV part and a sitting / talking part.

You could always end up putting a TV downstairs for the kids so they could have a separate space too. :-)

The smallish doorless room off of the basement main area... is it also windowless? It seems like it might make good storage... or that it could be a reading nook or something for your kids. I'm picturing built-in bookshelves and bean bags and maybe a comfy loveseat-ish couch. ;-)

Are there only the 2 bedrooms in the basement? The girls room and the closet filled room? Cause the closets might make fun bunks, but they might also be really good storage... especially if you don't have an attic.

Does it have an attic?

I love, love the porch room off of the dining / kitchen. It would be fun for school cause they'd be close by, but in their own space and it has lots of natural light... but it would also be a really good porch too!

I love the front of the house too. It looks like an "Andersen house" to me... whatever that means. :-)

So exciting and lots of potential!!

chrisa4357 said...

I'm gonna try to answer your questions Liz.

There are 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms upstairs.

There is a full bath downstairs.

We will all have to live in the top til the basement is done. We'll probably do it in stages and move people in stages

I do love the kitchen having a fireplace idea. I'm just not sure it's the most practical idea ;) Chris really likes the idea too because we spend LOTS of time at our kitchen table. But I'm concerned that a fire going (for the months we'll have one going) May make it too warm to be comfortable. So, we'll see. We're also not sure our couch will fit in the living room so that could play into how things end up laying out. We just know we also need a room for music stuff where we could start some teaching again so there has to be a space for that!

We have discussed putting the red couch and tv in the basement and not having a tv upstairs so who know how we will settle all of it!

The reading nook is a great idea if we don't close that part off for sleeping!

It does have an attic, a one car garage and a storage building (along with no less than 10 closets) so I wouldn't say we're lacking for storage but we may end up needing a room just for storage and that will readjust things too.

I do love the deck-ish room and all it's potential. It will probably end up changing purposes over the years. ;)

I'm glad you like it! Now to get it all finished and moved within 30 days...yikes!!

Monica Hicks said...

I like it! I also like that it requires much less work, is brick, and in a neighborhood we like also prefer. Glad Elizabeth asked those questions! I wanted to know all those thi vs too, but that's just way too much typing to do! ��