Thursday, August 29, 2013

Caleb is 4!!

August means Birthdays in the Andersen home. and this year Caleb kicked off our celebrating!  He LOVES the movie Wreck It Ralph and has asked for a Wreck it Ralph birthday for months. So, as the time got closer, we got to work on a cake! 

 Not my best cake work :)  But he LOVED it! and that made all the stress worth it. 

 This was Caleb's first birthday party where he picked his own friends to invite. I loved that 2 of the 3 boys invited were teenagers and love even more that these teenage boys take the time to love on Caleb so well. They are great role models for him and we are blessed to have them in our life!
 After everyone had a piece of cake Ralph got ahold of the cake and wrecked it!

 Caleb wanted to go to the movies for his birthday so we all endured Smurfs 2 together :)

It's so hard to believe that our boy is big enough to be 4 but God has done miraculous things in him and he is here and full of life and we wouldn't change a minute of our journey with this big 4 year old. 

Happy Birthday CALEB!!

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Phone Dump

So it's not that we haven't done anything in the past month that is blog worthy - quite the opposite - we've had 2 birthdays, open heart surgery, GiGi came, and school started for 2 of the littles. But because of all that going on, blogging has been LOW on the list of priorities. So, because this post is quick and easy to do, here's a phone dump from the last month. 

Our garden - isn't doing a ton but what it is doing we're grateful for!

We bought a rotten watermelon (on accident) so rather than get upset about $4 wasted, we threw it on the driveway and provided some entertainment that was "awesome"

Days at the park in between all our madness....

somewhere along the way Caleb turned into this kid.....and we love it!

I (Ashleigh) had a run in with the weed eater and have officially retired from yard work as a result of it!
The baby isn't quite so baby-ish anymore because he got a hair cut :(

The littles are receiving training in yard work since I have retired :)
Caleb listened to the part about wearing shoes - probably wisdom

our superheroes!

putt putt golf with our small group

Their technique isn't great but it's effective!

Cadence had dance camp for a week and had a great time!

She has also grown up this summer - we don't know where our little girl went but we miss her!  -
 a perk of the grown up Cadence is that she pressure washes :)

More growing up kids - they sure are fun to have around!!
this is Creed's silly face because he's wild and crazy like that....