Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Creed's Beach Shower

Today all the girls from the family that were in town, went to the Beach House to have lunch and a shower for Creed. We had so much fun hanging with the girls! April, Mom and Janet made the cake. It was super good and literally had 8 pounds of sugar involved in the making of it :) We didn't eat it all but it sure looked cute sitting on the beach with our sand castle cake.

Everyone waiting for lunch to arrive

The gifts - we loved them all. A shower with so much blue was quite the change but one that we're all super excited about!
Homemade superhero lovies from Aunt April will be hard to keep from Caleb Shaun but we're sure Creed will love them!

The drum blanket was from Aunt Elizabeth and definitely one of my favorite gifts! I sure wish Liz could have been here to give it to me herself but we will take it to Prague in the spring to make sure Creed gets a picture with his Aunt Elizabeth and his blanket.

The "Wilson" girls The Aunties

and the cousins

I am so grateful for our Murdock family and the place they have in all of our children's lives. As we've all hung out this week I'm reminded over and over that everyone in the world doesn't have the privilige (sp?) of having family that they love to hang out with and have as friends but we have certainly been blessed with it and it's one of the things I'm most thankful for. I can't wait for Creed to meet and get to fall in love with all the girls in our family just like Cadence and Caleb Shaun have!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Fun Weekend with Family

A couple of weekends ago I (Ashleigh) was at a women's retreat with our church, it happened to be the same weekend that some of Cadence's birth family was in town from California so Chris graciously agreed to take our kids to Raleigh to hang out with family. He even took pictures! So, here are some pictures of all the kids playing together.

Maddie and Jane - both born in June

Mya and Cadence playing in the water with Kay Kay - so much fun!

New Video of Cadence

Since she's gone this week to FL, this is what we have when we miss her :)


Friday, June 4, 2010

Cadence Shae Update

While Shaun has had a pretty rough week (see post below) Cadence has been the complete opposite! With the exception of driving us crazy as she is constantly around Caleb Shaun - which makes him scream - she has been nothing but a joy to have around. It makes me a little sad to see her become a big girl but very happy with the big girl she's becoming; all at the same time! Maybe it's just because my pregnancy emotions are out of control :)

Yesterday we had a conversation that went like this
ME: Cadence, get away from your brother! Do you not hear him screaming?!?!
CADENCE: "Yes ma'am". she walked away and then came over to me and said
"Mommy I'm sorry that I was disobedient but I need to tell you something"
ME: What would you like to tell me?
CADENCE: I know I'm not supposed to be in Shaunie's face but it's hard for me to stay out of his face because I just love him so much because he's my brother.

So, I pretty much felt like a schmuck and just had to reiterate that even if she loves him that when she's been told to stay out of his face, she needs to do what she's told even if it's hard. and to work harder to choose obedience. to which she said "Yes Ma'am" and went on her way.

The other day she was playing in her room and I walked by her door and saw this. So sweet! She was reading books to Ella and had obviously been there for quite a while. She loves to "read" us books and make up songs that she plays on the piano and sings. At bedtime we now have to take turns because it's always been that I would sing her a song but now she wants to sing me a song. They're always made up songs about whatever thoughts are going thru her head at the moment. I love them!

It's a little hard to see but, we got her entire name on the same piece of paper! I now find the letters to her name written on papers all over the house. She even painted them on a picture for her Daddy the other day.

and for those of you who care and have been asking (Terica) here is a picture of me all pregnant - 26 weeks today to be exact. less than 100 days to go until Creed makes his appearance!

Caleb Shaun Update

Teething is no fun! He now has 2 teeth on the bottom (the middle 2) and his eye-teeth - on either side of the middle ones - are working on coming in. It has been a hard week for us with lots of fussing over these teeth. Poor Shaunie is miserable! But we're just hoping they break thru soon so that he can go back to being the happy boy he normally is.

Caleb is always happy when Daddy is around. These next pics were taken by Chris (which is why he's attentive and happy)

He LOVES Slang and is always trying to get to him to play with him. Thankfully, he's not mobile yet so Slang can still get away :)

Working on therapy to stretch out the left side of Caleb Shaun's neck.

These next 2 pics are what we've seen the most of this week. Either fussing or chewing on anything he can get into his mouth :(

and after a long time of fussing, this is what we accomplish :)

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The Park

The park around the corner from our house has great walking trails all thru it. We came across a bridge with a creek running under it and thought it would be lots of fun to see if we could get to the water. Awhile back we went down with Kagan, Christa, and Adaline - but I didn't have a camera with me. So, we went back last Friday and met up with the Staring girls to play in the water. It was so much fun! and because the days are getting much warmer, it was nice to have our feet in some cold water! I'm thinking that this is a spot that will be visited alot as we move on thru the summer. Cadence can't wait to take her Daddy to play in the water too! He finished school next week so then we can definitely all go play together.