Thursday, August 20, 2015

A Trip To Florida/Rebeka's 1st Birthday

We went to Florida to spend some time with Aunt Lizzie, uncle Shannon and Rebeka before they went back to Prague. And what good is a trip to FL without a beach day?
 So, we all loaded up and headed to the beach. 

The littles decided this old tree stump at GiGi's and Poppa's is the perfect place to have a "fire" so they set up camp and play there a lot. 

Rebecca's birthday is really May 4th but since she would already be back in Prague, we had her party early so all her friends and family could celebrate with her. and what better way to celebrate a spring birthday than with an easter egg hunt?!?  Everyone had so much fun - even if it was hot. Real bunnies made an appearance and that was lots of fun too! 

most of the cousins with GiGi and Poppa

Creed was less interested in hunting for eggs and way more interested in collecting bubbles :)

It was a fun trip and we are always grateful for time with our cousins!! 
We just wish we had it more often...

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Elizabeth Bradley said...

That was such a fun beach day. And that baby in that purple hat. Sigh. She was so little!

I love these birthday party pictures... especially because I never saw the egg hunt, so it's fun to see things from a perspective that's not my own. And that boy and those bubbles. I love him.

Pretty sure I'll be swiping these photos if I ever get around to scrapbooking her birthday party.