Monday, March 31, 2008

An Equine Easter

Chris Here! Ashleigh and Cadence are in Florida. I paused Star Wars long enough to put together some footage of our Easter Weekend. Enjoy!

Monday, March 17, 2008

"It fun mommy"

So I was in our bedroom reading an email when I heard Shae laughing. I left her alone having no idea that when I came out this is what woulld be all over the living room. Yes, it's dog food. Slang tried to help clean up because I was screaming at her to pick it up. And so I got the broom out to help get the dog food into one big pile so that it didn't take 4 years to her to pick up each individual piece and each time I swept the broom she would say "thank you mommy" It was really funny to me. After it was all put back in the bowl I asked her if she knew that messing with the food was a no-no and she said "yeah" and so I asked her why she messed with it if she knew it was a no-no and her response was "it fun mommy" I just walked away and told her to go to bed because if I would have had to look at her face anymore I would have laughed out loud.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

last week Chris' clas went down to Discovery Place (kind of like MOSI for you FL people) and so Cadence and I dared to drive into downtown Charlotte to hook up with them. After getting lost and finally resigning myself to having to read signs to find the place - and $7 to park...we arrived. There were only 3 kids from his class that went so it made for a really relaxing day for all of us. Fantasia - in the pictures - LOVED cadence and immediately latched onto us for the day. We had so much fun looking at all of the stuff and playing in the kids area. We then all had lunch together before they had to go back to the school. So, Cadence and I left then as well. She had played so hard she fell asleep before we were out of the parking garage. Maybe we should go here more often....................:)
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One night Shae and I were at home alone and so after her bath, we were playing with her hair and combed it out just for fun. and this is what it looked like.
The next morning when I went to get her dressed the hair was completely out of control so I got the idea to put it up in a ponytail. I couldn't believe that her hair is long enough to go up like that but it did and stayed all day.

I don't like her hair up because she looks very big to me.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Her Easter Dress - updated

So this is Cadence's Easter dress for this year all the way from FL. Grammie and Aunt April picked it out along with the shoes and a little sweater (Not pictured). We put it on yesterday to see if it fit and to take some pictures so everyone could see how cute it is. Cadence loved it and posed and rolled around in it for quite a while. And then for some reason unknown to me, she threw up - all the down the front of her dress. That is not a joke. I don't know why she threw up other than a sick joke on me because i was alone and had to deal with the throw up myself instead of Chris doing it. But Slang cleaned up the floor and I took the dress off of her put other clothes on her and went to WalMart. Mom said that I needed to go home and clean the throw up off of the dress so I did and as of today it's soaking and then I will wash it. I'll let you know if all the throw up comes off. because I know you will be anziously waiting to find out. :)

THE THROW UP CAME OUT!!!!!!!!! much Totally Toddler later, there is no sign of throw up on her dress. YAY!!!!!!!!!! now all is well for a fun Easter Sunday

Saturday, March 8, 2008

This was supposed to be a picture and not a video but I had the camera on the wrong setting. Check out the Elmo and Zoe Jacket. It doesn't get much cooler than that does it?
I know this is really dark but you can see Shae in it if you look at the right angle. She loves Miss pattycake and this song in particular is one that she love to do the motions to. I hope you like it.

Random new pics of Shae

Cadence LOVES cake and so since she has asked for it all week, I made her a cake last night and put chocolate frosting on it for Daddy (Chris). This is what her face and jacket looked like after her cake. she said it was "yummy"
Mrs. Brianna in the nursery at church puts things on her head and then pretend sneezes to blow them off. Cadence and Nurah love this game and so now Cadence does it all the time. This time the object on her head was a cell phone. But it could be socks, a spoon, blocks, really anything that will stay on her head long enough for her to sneeze it off.

She took pencil to the walls this week during one of my piano lessons and I was trying to get a picture of her with her artwork. It didn't show up because it's just pencil but you will just have to believe me that all around her in this picture is pencil markings that she said were "pretty"

Looking at Daddy and not the camera

Chris was cleaning out the garage and she wanted to play outside with him. She found his hard hat and HAD to wear it. She's also wearing a toboggan under the hard hat. She loves hats and wants to wear them often.

Working on the lights for "The MIX" our new Middle School service at church.