Saturday, October 30, 2010

School Days for Shae

This week as a Halloween Alternative at Cadence's school, they had farm day. They have studied farm animals all month this month and so it all culminated with "Farm Day" Being from Wauchula, you would think that we had something suitable for a farm day in our closets but we didn't. So, my first adventure out with all 3 kids by myself took place to find a farm outfit. It was a success because we did end up with an outfit, however, 3 kids alone in a store is a little difficult! I'm sure I'll get better at it but for now, everyone in Value Village got to see Cadence get in trouble and hear Caleb Shaun shriek all thru the store :) So, we put together an outfit and thankfully it didn't even cost $10 from the boots to the hat and everything in between, it was all purchased specifically for farm day. Cadence says that farmers have straps (overalls) so she wasn't really a farmer but a cowgirl instead. Either way, she had an outfit and was happy with it!

These pictures are of her photoshoot while she tried on her outfit the night before she wore it to school :)

Here is a video of Cadence saying the Pledge of Allegiance. She learned it at school too :)

Friday, October 29, 2010

things that happened this week

We're definitely starting to fall into a routine of me (ashleigh) with all 3 kids on my own - during the days. So, since I seem to be getting my feet under me again, I'm noticing some of the fun things that the kids do again and trying to document accordingly. :) So, here are some of the things that went on over the week.

Caleb Shaun can not only stand up to play the piano, this week he wanted to sit on the bench too. So, here he is playing the piano. He sat on the bench and played for at least 15 minutes. Which was really fun to watch.

Mr Creed is getting much better at holding his head up. Here he is enjoying some tummy time. I think he would enjoy it more if his brother and sister would leave him alone :)

Caleb Shaun is learning how to be a sweet boy. He's getting much better at it. He gives Creed kisses and will lay his head on him whenever we say to be "so sweet" I love his personality coming thru! Usually this moment of sweetness is followed by him hitting Creed multiple times on the back or head but we're working on it - at least he shows signs of sweetness at all.

We started eating out of our fall garden this week! My Daddy planted it when Creed was born so it's been fun to keep up with the progress of the plants by knowing how old Creed is. So, we now know that from seed to the table, mustard greens take 7 weeks :) They were super good and we're really looking forward to eating more stuff from the garden!

Here's my hand with a mustard green leaf to show some perspective. They are really big!

Caleb Shaun learned to roll over this past week! Actually the 21st if we're being specific. So, because he rolls over now we're having a hard time with him sleeping. He wakes up and immediately rolls over to sit or stand up. We hear him on the monitor yelling "MaMa" and shaking the crib. It's kind of exciting and we're pretty glad about it when it's not the middle of the night. :) So, one day I came in during nap time and saw Caleb Shaun sleeping like this. He had obviously gotten so tired sitting up that he just laid his head down on the bumper pad and went to sleep.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

and a video too!

Here is the latest video we have of Caleb Shaun as he is starting to walk click HERE to watch

New Pictures!

Life seems busy and yet we get to the end of the day and not much has been accomplished and that includes blogging or picture taking! So, here are a few pictures of what has gone in our the Andersen world lately.

The weather has been so beautiful and so we've been playing outside lots. Caleb Shaun has loved being outside and it worked really well for a week or so until he figured out how to climb up the slide! So, now I have to watch him when they play in the yard - which really isn't a bad thing.

Mr. Creed has been enjoying "tummy time" and actually enjoys the play mat quite a bit. I'm so grateful for it because we've now used it with all 3 kids.

Cadence has been given some freedom since we're a little preoccupied with the boys these days. It's not entirely her fault and I have to remind myself that she's 4 but the day I walked into her closet and saw the mural she had made on the wall, I was less than excited. However, I controlled myself - slightly - and got creative with the punishment. So, here she is with a magic eraser removing her artwork. She didn't love this work at all but has remembered well that she needs to color "at the table on paper" instead of her walls :) I did have to work hard to not laugh when I was wiping down her closet door and she was upset because I erased Mickey Mouse! I thought "it takes a lot of nerve to get upset about what I'm erasing when it's written on a closet door!" But that's one of the things I love most about Cadence.

Today I was working on some music stuff for church and heard the kids in my bathroom. This is very scary to me since Caleb Shaun has recently discovered how much fun a toilet can be. Thankfully I walked into this instead of another alternative.

And finally, some new pictures of Creed. I love that he smiles more these days - that way we can see all his chins!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Update on alot of nothing

The past week I have had company from FL here to help me! I'm so grateful for friends and family who rearrange their schedules - without even being asked - just for the purpose of helping us out. Tara flew in for 4 days and we had so much fun with her. She brought all the kids stuff but Caleb Shaun, especially, loved his drum! He played it all weekend. Cadence and Tara bonded over hair braiding and making cookies and she mostly just held and loved on Creed :)

Cadence and her fashion sense makes us laugh but she likes it so we do too!

Aunt April flew in on Monday and has been hanging with us this week. She brought Creed this super cute Rabbit Moon outfit and he really liked it even tho he's screaming in this picture.

Creed loves Aunt April, because she holds him all the time, and he has started responding to him by "smiling" at her. This is our first attempt to get a smiling picture of him. It looks alot like the crying picture except his face is less red :)

Friday, October 1, 2010

Fall Fun!

While Mom and Dad were here, we attempted to get a fall picture of the 3 kids together. This is much harder work than it seems when you're just talking about a picture of 3 children together! So, after getting everyone dressed and the house decorated for fall, we decided to do the pictures on the front steps :) Here are some of my favorites from the "photo shoot" I'm glad at least Cadence cooperated and was aware of what was going on because the boys had no clue that we were even taking pictures!

This one I love because of Caleb Shaun's mouth. If you spend much time with him you learn - rather quickly - that he communicates be shrieking. He has this high pitched scream that comes out whether he's frustrated, angry, excited, or just wanting you to look at him and in the picture, he is doing his scream. and Cadence and Creed are completely un-phased because it happens so often that we pretty much ignore it these days :)