Saturday, April 26, 2008

Fun with Friends

This past Sunday night, we got a call from our good friends Matt and Jenn saying that she was in labor. We had planned for Mary, their daughter, and Ella, Keith and Mandy's daughter, to come over while Jenn was in labor. We just didn't plan for it to be midnight on Sunday night. But either way, the girls came over Sunday night very late and just went to sleep. Well, when Cadence woke up to see Ella and mary in her room on Monday morning you would have thought it was Christmas. She was speechless and SO excited. She just kept saying "oh, oh, oh," over and over again. It was so cute. So here are some pics of the fun the girls had on that day before going to the hospital to see new baby Emily.

Eating pancakes

making a mess :)

I wanted to get the yard mowed on Monday so I left the girls playing in the back yard and would see them as I circled around. That is also when these pictures of them running up and down our hill were taken.

Later on jumping off of the front step.

Having a snack.

Cadence spotting Ella and Mary coloring with chalk and needing to join them.

Cadence telling Mary just how to push her in the car. and Mary and Ella doing it. :)

We are so grateful for good friends, and new babies, and whole Spring days of fun outside.

Bowling with Daddy's Class

Last Week we went Bowling with Chris' class. They were practicing (along with the other EC kids) for the Special Olympics Bowling Championship coming up - this is not a joke - and so Shae and I decided to go join them for the day. Here we are going in and Shae not being so sure of why Daddy wasn't paying attention to her (but she was dressed really cute) :)
Getting more sure and finding a friend in Fantaiga

Fantaiga could have her own blog. She is so much fun every time we're with Chris' class and loves Cadence so much. She likes to push her in the stroller when we're with them and likes to look at pictures of her throughout the day when Chris is at school. She is always asking him "Mr. Andersen, whacha think your little girl is doing right now? " and Chris will answer "she's probably getting a spanking or eating breakfast or something like that. "
Here is Fantaiga when she got a strike.

Here she is carrying her ball up on her turn. Getting a gutter ball (which she blamed on Mr. Brown)
Not caring so much about missing at the beginning of the day.
This is Trask. He loves 4-wheelers. Chris is trying to show him why he's got to get away from his 4-wheeler magazine and roll a ball instead.
Here he is with his magazine.
Christine (I don't think she even knew where we were), Mr. Brown and Mrs. Caldwell. Tyler - wishing he could just watch his Sesame Street podcast.
Nikki waiting her turn (she's a girl)

Nikki getting her turn with a little help from Mrs. Caldwell.

Brad's turn (again has now idea of where he is he slept the whole time)
And Allison by far the happiest and most excited one of the bunch.

We have such a great time with his class and love that there are days when we get to be with Daddy even tho he's at work. This coming week we're going to a minor league baseball game so that will be interesting. Stay tuned..................

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Cadence's new room

For those of you that follow the ever changing Andersen life story, we had moved lessons out of our house so that Cadence could have a play room and we could kind of claim our house again as a place to live. So, lessons moved to Studio 18 (a place that one of our friends runs that does music and art lessons). We've been there 2 months and have enjoyed having a more relaxed lifestyle at home. However, we have been reevaluating things and have realize that while we have gotten our home back, we have lost the relationship building part of lessons because it's become very business-like with parents just dropping kids off for lessons and not hanging out to talk like they did when lessons were in our home. So, because we are "relational" and want to be able to ultimately share Christ with these people, we have decided to move lessons back to our house and have just given Cadence the old office/playroom as her bedroom because it is bigger and holds her toys and her bed. So, this past weekend we painted and moved furniture and here is her new room.

Random Play pics

Cadence is really into sidewalk chalk right now. She colors everything she can with it. The car, the door, sidewalk, her babies, "shang" her legs, she loves it. Here she is working on a masterpiece.
This was the day we were rearranging her room and she "helped" by taking some of her toys outside.
playing with bubbles (another favorite)

We lotion Shae everyday and she has obviously learned the importance of it because she's passing on the daily ritual to Strawberry Shortcake.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

the beach

So you can't go to FL without going to the beach. Thankfully, April lives very close to it so it's really convenient to get to for us. We had walked and played and sat for a while when mom decided that we needed to go for a walk (because she was cold) so we got up and realized that Cadence's diaper was VERY full. So mom, in all her grammie wisdom, decided we should just take it off and she could walk in her bloomers. April and I said that she would pee and sure enough.................peeinglooking at itfeeling very proud of herself

Pirated pics from April

If you look at April's blog you've seen these already but for those of you who don't look at all the "wilson"blogs.......we went to FL to go to a wedding of a really good friend from childhood. Cadence went with us to the wedding and stayed with a sitter during the ceremony and then came to the reception with us. Here are some of the pics of her in her dress that Aund April or "luke" took.