Saturday, July 24, 2010

Guess who's mobile?!?

We've been on our way to crawling for about a week now and in physical therapy, Ms. Ruthie has been working specifically to get Caleb Shaun up on all fours. Well, this week he has decided that it is worth his while to crawl. So, we are now well on our way to being age-appropriate! The pictures above are of him getting up on all fours in therapy. You can click HERE to watch a video of him crawling. and the bottom 2 pictures are just because our crazy boy is so cute! :)

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Disney World

Way back in February we decided to "Give a day to get a Disney Day" You can read about it here. So, since we had 2 tickets and listening to the crazy lady at Mom's timeshare got us a 3rd ticket, we got to go to Disney for free! So, we all packed up and headed out on July 6th to brave the summer crowds at Magic Kingdom.

On the boat headed over - some nice Japanese man gave me his seat. I guess big pregnant lady with a baby translates into any language :)

As soon as we got into the park we headed towards Pirates of the Carribean and on the way ran into Ariel and Prince Eric! Cadence was so excited until it was time to talk to them so we had to talk to them as a family. She wanted to know what kind of shoes Ariel was wearing and Ariel was nice enough to show us.

Waiting to see Philharmagic. THere's always fun to be had when you have a pair of 3D glasses and a camera :)

The parade was probably my (Ashleigh) favorite part of the day. Although Cadence clammed up and wouldn't talk to a single princess/character all day long, she LOVED seeing all of them in the parade and literally sat on her Daddy's shoulders and waved the entire length of the parade. This pregnant momma almost cried over seeing her little girl so excited. It's what Disney is all about!

This was going in to Minnie's house. Chris took Cadence to Minnie's house and to meet the other princesses while Caleb Shaun and I rode the train around the park - twice.

more digital camera fun while waiting to see the princesses.

She was completely terrified to talk to the princesses but you wouldn't know it by how she talks when she sees these pictures. She literally talks like it was the funnest thing she's ever done although by the look on her face in the pictures, you'd definitely think differently.

Driving the race car.

I love this picture because it's literally our view from behind the stroller all day. Caleb Shaun on the very edge of his seat taking everything in while Cadence kicked back and relaxed.

As we left the park we stopped by the candy store and let Cadence pick something out. She picked out a $2 pez! We couldn't believe it but certainly didn't complain! The hilarious part was that Caleb Shaun wanted it so bad. I love his face looking at her like "you're going to share that right?"

Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Beach

The nice thing about a week at the beach is that there is lots of beach time involved which makes for great naps in the afternoon! This was one of our days that we spent the morning on the beach with all the kids. They had lots of fun playing between the sand and the water. Thankfully there were lots of buckets and shovels to go around so that we didn't have any major meltdowns over the sharing of the toys.

Caleb Shaun LOVED the water! He sat and let the waves splash all over him. Adaline had a harder time finding what she liked the best about the beach but did enjoy the snacks and her juice pretty well.

Thankfully Amber and Mr. Robert came too. The bigger 3 kids had a great time getting to build a really good sand castle with them (and Chris got to take a nap)

Friday, July 2, 2010

VBS Family Fun NIght

We went to Family Fun Night at First Baptist Church Palmetto's on Friday night. They had water slides, hot dogs, sno cones, and lots of fun for the kids.

Cadence was pretty scared of the big slide and only went on it because Kagan did first. So it wasn't much fun for her :(

She liked the small ones much better! Here is a video of her going down the small one.

and who doesn't love a sno cone?!?!?

Adaline love the watermelon :)

Overall, a pretty fun night for the kids while the parent sweated it out :)

VBS x2!

Since Cadence had an extra 10 days in FL without Chris and I, she got to go to VBS both weeks. Even last week once Chris and I got here on Tuesday, she wanted to go to "her school" the rest of the week so we took her every morning to First Baptist Palmetto so that she could go to her class. She loved it! and we couldn't be more thrilled that she would choose to get up and go to VBS everyday instead of hanging out with us :)

Week 2 was Saddle Ridge Ranch where they were "roundin' up questions and driving out answers" Her teacher, Mrs. Karen, was very nice - according to Cadence - and she liked the snacks and playing on the playground :) All week long they would sing songs and do motions. Every day she would say that she just watched and Kagan would do the motions but she didn't want to. So, we were very surprised when we went to the VBS program on Sunday morning and Cadence stood up and sang and danced the whole time! I told her I nearly fell off the bench - which she thought was very funny!

You can't find her in this picture because she was on the floor on the opposite end from us. Maybe one day I'll get a video uploaded of her doing the motions and singing.

Taking pictures with everyone afterward.

The week before, while she was with my Mom in Wauchula, she went to New Hope Baptist Church to High Seas Expedition. She had a great time in her class there too. She rode every day with Mrs. Laura and loved her daughter Lexy. We are so grateful for Mrs. Laura, Grammie and Poppa, for making it work everyday to get her back and forth to Bible School.

Lexy Mrs. Laura