Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Shaun Turns 2!!

 It's so crazy to believe that our baby is 2 years old. Where have the years gone??  We woke up on this St. Patricks Day morning ready to celebrate our sweet baby boy - complete with his birthday pancakes (which weren't pretty but were delicious!!)
My attempt at a homemade birthday cake completely fell apart but Daddy saved the day by just going to the store and buying a green cake! We took off the toppings that were on it and put our frogs instead and were back in business!!  

Since Shaun's birthday fell on a Monday night and so does our small group for church, we just turned small group into a party! We went to one of our favorite pizza places for dinner and there just happened to be a magician there performing for the evening. We love when free entertainment shows up for a birthday!!  and I can guarantee that this will be the only Andersen birthday ever to have a magician at the party :) 

After Pizza and the Magician came PRESENTS!! 

  which were quickly taken by older brothers...

Shaun didn't mind tho because after presents meant cake time :) 

We got home and the last present for the day was a new bubble mower. AWESOME!!  What a perfect gift for our boy!  Overall it was such a fun day celebrating 2 years of life in this little man. Although we haven't known him for all of his 2 years, we are so grateful for his life and that God has brought him into the Andersen clan. We couldn't imagine life without this precious boy!

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