Thursday, August 11, 2011

Blogging Machine!

I am killing this blogging thing for August! I guess we've taken lots of pictures lately :) and even tho most of them are of nothing special, just every day life, I like having them documented. Last night at youth group, Chris had a questionnaire for the kids to fill out about their expectations for their future life so that they can begin to make choices so that their expectations will become reality at the appointed time. So, I was thinking about my life at their age and I don't know that I had any expectations really about what my life would look like but I don't know that it involved living in NC and being a stay-at-home mom of 3 kids. However, when I look at these pictures, I realize that there is no place in the world I would rather be than staying home every day with these 3 crazies!

He looks more sweet than crazy here, but trust me, there's another side :)

I was trying to get a picture of him in his "bob" shirt that I can put in the picture frame that his Grammie gave him for his birthday. I got a couple :)

We start them young helping out in the garden! Whether or not you like it, if you're going to eat it, you have to help tend it! and then get hosed off outside afterwards :)

Lately, we've spent time most days playing and singing. I love that right now Cadence is in this phase of life where she wants us to sing and she follows us. In fact that's exactly what she says "you yust sing Mommy and I'll follow you" so we sing and she plays :) But Caleb prefers for us to sing "bob" so we all sit down and go thru every Veggie Tale that I can think of - and a couple of extras too. Here is a VIDEO of us singing together.

Mr Cool

Cadence was so proud of herself this day. I was cooking dinner and Creed was ridiculously tired. So, she offered to hold him while I cooked. She's super helpful like that these days! So, they sat down at the computer together for her to hold Creed and play at the same time - she's not only helpful but a multi-tasker too! Well, within a few minutes he had fallen asleep on his sister and the look of pride on her face nearly made me weep. After I had taken some pictures of them together, I asked her if she wanted me to take him and lay him down but she said no that she would just hold him and keep playing - and she did for his entire nap! She's so big that I can't hardly stand it.

This might be one of my favorite representations of summer at this point. Because everyone looks better in a pair of Dora Goggles :)

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Rest of Vacation

This post pretty much is just random of the pictures that I had from vacation (thanks to April actually taking some pictures of our vacation). So, if it seems random, it is!

To start off our vacation we had a big family party at the beach. It was to celebrate all the Summer birthdays and Caleb's adoption. I loved starting vacation seeing most of the family at one time! Sadly Cadence was sick so she and Chris missed the fun. But the rest of us had a great time.

Dad, I know you'll hate this picture of you and Creed sleeping but I love it and want Creed to know that he got to take naps at the beach with his Poppa ;)

They LOVED this big tub at the Fountains! How can you go wrong with 2 of your favorite people in a bath tub with you? :)

What Vacation Should Look Like!

This was part of Caleb Shaun's Birthday. He absolutely loves both Veggie Tales and Mr. Potato Head so the combination of those 2 things was fantastic!

The POOL - what could be more fun than a pool with a Daddy in it?

Grammie brought the hook up with these ice cream cones. Sadly, Caleb wasn't real sure of how to eat it....... it still went down just a little differently than how I would have done it! What was hilarious was than when the ice cream would fall out of the top because he took a bite of the side, he would just pick up the glob of ice cream and put it back in :)


Seriously? How is she this big?

Thank You Lord for vacation with these 3- although it's not nearly as relaxing as it used to be, it's definitely worth the exhaustion to have these crazies with us!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Day At The Lake

Some people who are a part of our church have a house on the lake. Every year they like to host a "day at the lake" for all the teenagers to have a full day of fun on/in the water. Chris had gone once before a couple of years ago but this year, our whole family got to attend. It went from 11 - dark and while Chris was there the entire time, the kids and I were just there from about 12:30 -8. Still a pretty long day on the water! But the kids had such a great time that it was hard to even make them leave at 8:00!

Cadence is such a fish! She loved being in the water and with a life jacket was an excellent floater :)
Caleb enjoyed the kayak more than he did being in the water swimming.

One of the pontoon boats is a double decker with a slide. The kids (big and little) loved it! Our youth kids kept it busy all day but sometimes, out kids would get a turn too.:) They were pretty apprehensive at first but after a couple times, they were pros! Caleb didn't love it as much :( But we were glad he did it once........

Playing on the tubes that were not being used, were much more the little guys style. One was a trampoline so that was lots of fun too!

After seeing the boats go out most of the day, our kids decided that they wanted a ride too. So, one trip was just for the Andersens and Teagues (our pastor's family) with their littles. The kids had so much fun!

David and Chris all ready to go on the tube :)
The Daddy's Fan Club! making sure they don't fall off the tube :)

What too much fun at Day at the Lake leaves you feeling like :)