Wednesday, August 19, 2015

March Phone Dump

March was a fun month in the Andersen World. And the person who kicked off the fun was Daddy! He and some friends loaded up a trailer full of motorcycles and took off to spend some time at Bike Week in Florida. We were all excited for Daddy getting to go off because he works super hard and a break seemed like a great idea. 

Sadly, the first day they got there Daddy laid his bike down and hurt his knee. 
But a big bandaid helped him out a lot!

While daddy was at Bike Week we had some fun of our own. We went to the movies, played outside, and Cadence and Mommy even went to the ballet with Hannah and Monica. It was lots of fun!

We had saved some Valentines Candy so we ate that too :)

Christopher got a big boy bed for his 2nd birthday! No one is in the crib anymore :(

Cadences, Amanda got married!! We are so excited for Amanda, Troy and McKayla and were so glad we got to be a part of their celebration. Amanda was a beautiful bride and McKayla was a fantastic flower girl!  We all had a great time at the wedding and reception.

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This is one of my favorite pictures of Creed. Ever.   
I can't decide if he looks like Mommy or Aunt Lizzie but either way I don't see this picture without laughing, so it's on the blog :)

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Elizabeth Bradley said...

Hahahaha! That Creedie. He looks like BOTH of us. I need to swipe this photo too. ;-)

Cadence's (and your) relationship with Amanda is beautiful. I loved being reminded of it through this post.