Saturday, August 15, 2015

February Phone Dump

February was another fairly low-key month in our world. School, winter, preschool, snow, warm weather, everything you need for a typical February! 

Lollipops - compliments of Aunt Connie for Valentines Day!

Daddy opening a package from Grammie and doling out all the Valentines fun inside.   
 Charis LOVED her boots!

The time difference in these 2 pictures is exactly 7 days. Welcome to NC!

We set up Cadence with a bedroom of her own. 
She loves her big girl bed and that she now has a desk in her room to do her school at. 

This was our attempt at a Valentines picture. I used to be way better at them :)

This boy - he's an odd fellow. 
The naked pic is after being out in the snow and he was trying to warm up. 
The headband…well that's just how Creed rolls. 

In all fairness, these 3 aren't much more normal! Definitely more Nurture than Nature going on here!

and this day Creed was being a rocking guitar player. He's got awesome moves ;) 

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