Friday, August 14, 2015


We made the decision a couple years ago to do away with buying our kids presents for Christmas. In our world, they get so much from family and anything bought times 5 is a lot! So, we thought that instead of buying gifts for them for Christmas we would take the money we would spend on gifts and instead take them somewhere for a fun family time they wouldn't otherwise get. For this year we had planned to go to LegoLand in Florida. Caleb's hospital stay messed up our timeline some but eventually, we made it!!  We had never been to LegoLand before and were so pleased with the experience overall. It was a great park for our kids ages and we all had a blast!

Riding some rides!

This ride, in particular, i remember riding and just being so grateful that Caleb was healthy-ish and that we were there celebrating our family together. We don't know long-term how many roller coasters that Caleb will be able to ride but we do know that his temperament is gonna make him a kid that LOVES them! and so, this being our first exciting ride in the park was SO. Much. Fun. 

As he squealed and laughed I really had to fight back tears of gratefulness for the healing he had received and that we were all there together having a good time. It's amazing how much perspective you can gain in a hospital stay :)

Legoland is brilliant to have lego playing areas as you wait in line for a ride. 
I'm telling ya, this is genius!

Our kids in cars is HILARIOUS!! They drive like their temperament and we loved watching them. 

I love Calebs face as he pulls away from the other two!

More Fun Rides….. and the band wasn't too shabby either!

 Obligatory poses with all of the awesome lego statues - especially the Star Wars ones.

Daddy got to get in on some of the riding action too!

We literally shut the park down that night. It was such a fun day and thanks to strollers, naps and snacks the kids handled a long day well. These 5 little people are tricky sometimes but we are so blessed to call them ours!

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