Thursday, August 13, 2015

Christmas in Florida

600 miles later, we were in Florida!! We had missed Aunt Emily and Uncle Rob altogether :( but Aunt Lizzie, Uncle Shannon and Rebeka were home from Prague!! (I know we also spent time with Aunt April, Uncle Luke and Mace but there isn't a single picture to document it) 

So, for the most part we were low key at GiGi's house. Caleb still wasn't 100% so we just chose to be careful this Christmas. and there aren't many pics at all..

(It seems like we must have taken these at GiGi's tree but I can't find the real picture)

A trip to Florida would never be complete without a trip to see Green GiGi and Green Poppa. Thankfully there were a few pictures of that!
They love us so well and had even MORE stockings and presents for the kids (and Mommy and Daddy too)   This was the year of the jackets - which is perfect for us cold people in NC!

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