Saturday, August 15, 2015

Snow Day!!!

February brought our big snow day(s) for the year. Thankfully in NC, we get just a couple a year and they tend to melt pretty quickly :)

This is a time laps of the back yard over 6-8 hours. We were pretty excited for this much snow!

 See the excitement???    Snow days make a mama pull out all the creative stuff - or turn on the television. Thankfully puzzles and playdoh are lots of fun!

Then after gathering enough warm clothes for 5 littles, everybody heads out for like 8 minutes of fun. But it's a well documented 8 minutes ;)

Lots of fun happens on a snow day. Like playing on a snowy swing set, shoveling a snowy driveway, building a Snow Man, eating snow, etc. 

then everyone realizes how badly their hands are burning and that they can't feel their faces from the cold and so there are lots of tears and warm baths while the fireplace is going full blast. 

 I love that our big girl is getting big enough for a snow day to turn into a reading day…hopefully in the next few years this will be the pattern for all the Andersens!

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