Thursday, August 20, 2015

Easter 2014

Easter was upon us with all the eggs, and candy, and baskets and presents, and stories about Jesus, and Seder meals where we show our craziness in front of the church. Yup, it was that time of year again... This one looked a little different than all the others but we tried to keep some of the same traditions and fun involved in the weekend. 

We don't do much "easter-y" stuff on Easter Sunday because of church and all the craziness involved in it. Instead, we spread it over the weekend. So, Good Friday was spent coloring Easter eggs. 

I love that Charis is in a Christmas shirt coloring easter eggs :)

And Saturday morning the kids wake up to their Easter baskets! 

Everyone loved all their new fun stuff for Spring/Summer!

and here's the one picture we have as a family in our "Easter" outfits. Oh well, some years are like that :) Thankfully the cross and empty tomb change everything about our lives and expectations and everything else. 



Elizabeth Bradley said...

I'm loving all these blog posts. You're so on the ball. And you've inspired me to restart too.

Just curious... did they enjoy playing with those wiffle (sp?) balls and bats???

chrisa4357 said...

yes Liz, we spent LOTS of time playing with those bats and balls. They were definitely worth the money :)