Friday, November 30, 2007

Two Huge Milestones!

Ok This is Chris,
Ashleigh is out of town on a retreat with the other ladies form Mosaic Church,
So it is Mr. Mom time.

The only instructions I got when she left was be sure to update the blog.
Cadence has been fed and bathed and put to bed so I will get this done,

Today was a great day.
Our family reached two monumental milestones of our time together.
First of all,
For the first ever, Cadence pee-peed in the potty!!!!

I got to give her a little encouragement

Cadence was a little emotional about it all!  

Here is the evidence that my little baby is growing up! :(

We also got Cadence's decree of adoption in the mail a little later. 
She is now officially little Miss Cadence Shae Andersen
We are now whole, nothing will ever split us apart!

I have never been so happy to get a piece of paper in my life!

See you all soon and don't worry about Cadence her Grammie arrives tomorrow!


Our Nativity Set

We attempted last night to make a nativity set that is made out of gingerbread. I had seen it at Michaels and thought that this would be a fun thing to do as a family and talk about Christmas and Jesus and all of that. So, we (I) began mixing up all the icing and adding the appropriate colors following all the directions since I had never done this before. Chris took pictures and kept Cadence off of the table where the candy was that was supposed to be used to decorate our gingerbread people. Pay attention to the fact that Cadence is playing with the stable piece here. It's very important for later.
This is baby Jesus not swaddled
We went through and made everyone's faces first.

Then baby Jesus got swaddled.
Cadence with the stable still laying on the table (but close to her)

I was trying to tell her about baby jesus (she listened politely and then asked for more candy)
Finally (2 hours later) the finished product. Now, you should note that the stable is now a piece of cardboard that we decorated. Somewhere in the process, our stable disappeared. We think that Cadence carried it off and Slang got a nice gingerbread treat but we don't know for sure. Alll we know is that it was on the table, in the vicinity of Cadence, and not it's gone. Even as we cleaned up the kitchen it never showed up. We asked Slang (Chris even tried to smell his breath) and he looked very guilty. So, no one will even know what really happened to our stable. But we made it work and overall it was a very fun evening. Who knows, this could turn into an Andersen tradition.

And finally a picture with Daddy.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

First Manicure

This is Ms. Angie and she is friend of Chris' (Daddy) from school. She is also Mimi (Cindy's) nail girl. She comes to Cindy's house to give her manicures and pedicures. Because we were there, I (Mommy) got a pedicure and we wanted to see how Cadence would do having her nails done. At first she was interested, then we pulled out a twizzler to get her to sit still
Look at those pretty pink nails.

What's really funny is that the polish was off of two fingers by the next morning and off of sever more by the next day. As of today, one finger still has polish on it. Thank you Mimi for our first Manicure.

Grandpa Keith and Mimi

Cadence had so much fun playing with Grandpa Keith and her Mimi. We were so glad that they had so many days to play together and get to know each other.

Playing outside.

This chair is so great for sitting and relaxing in . And can hold at least 3 people plus usually a dog as well.

Cadence never did take a nap in a bed. Someone was always willing to sit and hold her so she could sleep for a while. On this day, it was Grandpa Keith's turn.
Mimi (Cindy) taught Cadence about so much stuff and they had lots of fun playing and talking.

We've Gone to the Dogs

I'm so glad that Cadence is a dog lover because if she wasn't there could have been major problems over THanksgiving. In Ohio, there were 6 adults, 1 Cadence and 4 dogs!!! That makes for a prety crowded house. Cadence had so much fun (expecially with the big dogs) and constantly had a playmate in one of her 4-legged friends.

This picture is Cadence playing with Madison and Slang. If the dogs were outside, she wanted to be with them regardless of how cold it was.

And then Kohala came to play too. Her mom is a friend of Cindy's who was going out of town to see family so Kohala played with us.

Cadence loved carrying around a leash which was torture because the dogs all know that that is supposed to mean going on a walk. She never did take one for a walk but loved to chew on the metal part of the leash.

Slang mostly whined and chirped the whole weekend (if you know Slang you know this sound) He just loves to play with people.

The dog food station was a pretty big temptation to Cadence. With 3 -4 sets of bowls out at all times, I'm sure she consumed quite a bit of dog food over the weekend.