Saturday, May 30, 2009


Cadence is spending the weekend with kay-kay so it's letting me catch up on blogging with only one kid to answer a million questions from :)

So,  Friday was special olympics bowling championship so I took Cadence and Isaiah to hang out with Chris' kids from his class. 

Here they are hanging out with some of their favorite kids. 

Caleb likes to tickle everyone but especially someone he can get a reaction out of. Cadence and Isaiah both provided him with what he was looking for. 
Fantaiga carried Cadence around to see all her friends. 

They had so much fun playing cars with Trask

And you really shouldn't go to the bowling alley without having some bowling alley food!

chicken nuggets and french fries - a favorite in the Andersen house since Isaiah showed up

Ice Cream - compliments of Ms. Donna. It was super yummy and the perfect way to end our bowling alley excursion. 

Here are some of Cadence's silly faces - the pouty face she's pretty good at :)

Victory is Mine

I've been trying all week to get this video uploaded. I guess YouTube is retarded or something - or maybe it was user error. Either way, I heard Isaiah and Cadence singing in their room one day and Isaiah was singing a "shoutin' song"   He likes these alot and sings them all the time. They agreed to rehearse singing it and then perform later for us. So, this video is the actual performance complete with instrument switch!  I'm glad that they enjoy making music together and this is your warning:  If you don't want a "shoutin' song" stuck in your head for the next week, don't watch this video. Seriously, this is now the most sung song in our house :)  

Click HERE to watch. 

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

New Video

Here's a video of Cadence and Isaiah playing tee ball. 

Outside Fun

With the weather as nice as it's been we spend lots of time outside. In fact, it's pretty much what we do all day long. Both Cadence and Isaiah have claimed "houses" in different parts of the yard that they play in and invite each other to. They've gotten much better at sharing and taking turns - which I'm really grateful for :)  Here are some pictures of the the 2 of them playing together. If you want to see any of them bigger, they are in a Web Album that youcan get to by clicking here

Some friends gave us this great tee ball set for them to play with. We've had so much fun watching them try to hit the ball. They're both great at flipping the tee over but the ball often times get missed. They don't mind tho, one catches, one hits and it's at least minutes of entertainment for Chris and I. Cadence prefers to swing one-armed - and she's actually much better that way!

Monday, May 11, 2009

How does your garden grow?

For the record, this post has nothing to do with Cadence but I'm so excited about my garden this year that I just had to share :)  Last year I attempted a garden but it was a complete bust. This year, we've tried again and been more successful!

Here are some of the vegetables for this year. 

This little garden box was here when we moved in but this year - after living here for 3 - we're actually using it. 

Tomato Plants
Broccoli - it's not in the box because I planted it a while back by our house. 

The broccoli is actually a big part of the reason for this post because it is really big and ready to harvest! So, this weekend Chris and I took our relationship to a whole new level when he harvested my broccoli for me :)  We had to google how to actually go about harvesting it but once we read that one swift cut 5 inches below the head would do it, we were on our way!
Here it is all cut up and ready to be steamed

We're actually eating something that I grew!!!
Everyone SO happy about eating broccoli :)

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

What have we been doing this week?

We have a new friend, Isaiah, who is going to be staying with us for awhile so this week has mostly consisted of Cadence getting used to having someone around to play and share with all day long. This is a bit of an adjustment for her because she has been the only little person around the Andersen house for her whole life. But we're making it - some moments are better than others - but overall it's been a great week. :)

Here are some pictures of them playing the past couple of days. There was a break in the rain so we raced outside to play with outside toys. 

Earlier in the day Cadence was showing Isaiah the dead snake that her Daddy had killed with her hoe. This was a very traumatic experience and should probably have its own post but I didn't take pictures because I was too busy watching the snake and then being amused that Chris killed it with a little purple hoe no longer than his arm. 

We went to WalMart on Monday night to buy some new things for Isaiah and so of course Cadence needed some new stuff too. She had it set in her mind that she needed a "hulastoop" so here she is very proudly demonstrating that she can do it :)
A few more pics of Cadence and Isaiah learning how to co-exist. 

Monday, May 4, 2009

The Jesus Storybook Bible

Cadence's main Easter present from Chris and I was her new Bible. Prior to Easter she would always carry around one of our Bibles whenever she was playing. We have a couple of little pocket-size ones and she thought they were perfect for her purse/baby stroller/whatever she happened to be carrying at the time. So, we got her her very own Bible. She LOVES it!! It's called the Jesus Storybook Bible and Chris and I are both very happy with it. It basically takes the major stories in the Bible and puts them into 3-5 pages. The really cool thing that makes it different than normal children's Bibles is that it then takes each story and turns it around to show how Jesus is right in the center of everything that goes one. Old Testament-present. It's pretty cool. Chris loves this about it because if you know Chris very well at all, he's a huge fan of Jesus. I'm not complaining or anything - I really like Jesus too - but Chris finds a way to put Jesus into everything he teaches (this happens to be one of the traits that I love the most about him).  

Anyway, so every night Chris, Cadence and I sit down to read one of her stories. So far it's going well and Cadence seems to really enjoy it. 

Tonight our new friend Isaiah was hanging with us and Cadence remembered that a few days ago her daddy had read a story about Isaiah so wanted Chris to read it again. So, we skipped from Jesus being born BACK to the OT and Isaiah prophesying about Jesus. Pretty cool and Isaiah liked that it kept saying his name.