Saturday, August 29, 2015

Houston Space Center

When we left the Lourceys house, we decided to make a couple of stops along the way home and see some sights. The first stop was in Houston at the Houston Space Center. We had such a great time there. It was educational and fun so that's a "win" in our world! 

The first part of the space center was more like a Childrens Museum 
with lots of hands-on science fun to be had. 

Caleb was SO EXCITED that there was an Angry Birds Space section. 
Anything Angry Birds is awesome in Caleb's world :)

After exploring lots of fun in the main building we took a tram ride out to another section where they actually do "space" work! 

This is the actual room where Apollo 13 reported "Houston, we have a problem" 

and then began a tour of a training facility 
where real astronauts train to go to the International SpaceStation.   They have recreated every section and piece of the Space Station so that it is completely realistic for the astronauts. 

and after that, a short walk took us to a gigantic storage facility where a space ship/rocket is stored. The size of it was truly incredible. 

As we left the Space Center that day, we watched the sun set on the Gulf of Mexico. It was one of the things i wanted to see the most. Growing up on the Florida side of the gulf, a sunset at the beach is one of my favorite things in the world. So, to be on the complete opposite side of the gulf and still see the sun set was pretty spectacular. I'm partial to the Florida side, but it was still beautiful to watch it set. 

Friday, August 28, 2015

Easter Egg Hunt

If you're gonna have most of the family in one spot, you might as well make the most of it. So, since it was the week after Easter, we had an Easter Egg Hunt for all of Grammies Babies 
(that were in Texas). It's not as easy as one might think to wrangle the Andersen 5, 2 Lourceys and Mace. But we did the best we could. 

pre-egg hunt picture


and then for a post-egg hunt pic (this one was trickier and WAY more funny) 


the kids had lots of fun throwing sand with the shovels from Margarets service 
and even did a pretty good job taking turns!

and Creed. In an obligatory "rock star" pose. 
I love this phase of his life and that everything is a guitar

We certainly wouldn't have picked to spend a week in Texas under the circumstances we did, but a week with family is always a good week and since we don't live close to each other, we cherish every moment we get!