Thursday, April 22, 2010


It seems like not lots have been going on lately in Andersen world and yet when I think about it - and am reminded by family who see my kids after a month of not seeing them - there have been changes over the past few weeks.

Cadence is such a great big sister. she loves Caleb Shaun so much and tells everyone that she loves her "Shaunie SO MUCH" She is so observant of the therapists who come in to work with Shaun. I don't even realize how much she is picking up about his care until she models it later.

For instance, this morning he had physical therapy for the first time and the therapist was talking about how one of our main goals for right now is to stretch out his left side because he has a tendency to always lean to the right. So, she showed me some stretching exercises to do with him. We then went to the pediatrician and as Shaun was laying on the table and the dr and I were talking, Cadence jumped up on the table with him and began to stretch him out. Exactly like we had been shown! And I thought she was watching Little House on the Prairie while the therapist and I were talking!

She's also jumped in on the feeding therapy. Here she is feeding him one night as I cook supper.

I think he was stunned :) That's pudding on his face in case you're wondering. At this point he will open his mouth (occasionally) for pudding, pixie sticks, lollipops, lemonade, apple juice, and some fruits - mostly pears. He DOES NOT like a frozen banana ;)

Shaun is also beginning to hold himself up more. We can now sit him in the bumbo and he will play with the toys around him without fussing! A tooth came in sometime over the last couple of weeks (you can see it in the top picture of the 2 of them) and over the past couple of days he started saying "dada" What a fun age!

And for the 3rd Andersen child; he now officially has a name.

So, introducing Creed Samuel Andersen!


The Lourceys said...

So fun! I can't believe how big Cadence looks in those pictures of her feeding Caleb Shaun! He is too cute! Rob is going to be jealous that he says dada and Jane won't.

EllieMae said...

Man, you guys have some sweet, beautiful kids!! Love the new name :) I miss the Andersens! I wanna come hang out with you guys sometime next week... school has finally loosened it's death grip on me a bit. Whoo!!!

mama said...

Awww, thanks for the update, and I do love the newest additions name! God is good!

Elizabeth said...

I agree with Emily. Your daughter is unbelievably grown-up... and is only going to get more so in the next year! I can't believe that Shaunie is saying da-da or that he has a tooth. Wow! As for Creed's picture... so precious. Seriously precious. Love you lots... liz