Sunday, April 11, 2010


It was Spring Break this past week and we decided not to travel this year because of all the uncertainty with Shaun's heart surgery. So, we stayed home, taught lessons a couple of days and had family time the rest of the week. On Wednesday we took Cadence to Carowinds for the day. The thing with Carowinds is that it is certainly NOT Disney World - or anything close. But, it's not horrible for a day trip for a 3 year old either. So, because we're not traveling a whole lot this summer to get ready for the new baby to show up, we were entertaining the idea of season passes to Carowinds. They also have a waterpark which I thought would come in handy as it gets hotter and I get bigger this summer. We decided to go for a day and see how Cadence liked it and if she enjoyed it then we would get season passes to keep going thru the summer.

She loved it! I was a little unsure about some of the rides because we figured that she would either love everything or be terrified and hate it. But, she really enjoyed herself - as long as Mommy or Daddy could ride with her :)

Shaun was hot - but did alright with the day considering he pretty much rode in the stroller all day long.

This is definitely my favorite picture from the day. This was the biggest roller coaster she rode all day and came off of it loving it - even tho from this picture I expected her to be hysterically crying!


Elizabeth said...

I love that Shae is wearing her outfit from Prague. :) Shaun's shirt... adorable.

Seeing him in his stroller reminds me that I've been meaning to ask you - are you going to get a double stroller? A Phil and Ted's?

Cadence and Chris on the roller coaster... priceless.

mama said...

Hysterical roller coaster ride!

The Lourceys said...

I cannot stop laughing at that last picture. Chris needs to make that his profile picture on facebook.

Elizabeth said...

Emma... that's a great idea!

Luke & April said...

OMG!!! The roller coaster picture is hysterical! One of the funniest things I have ever seen... EVER!!! We have to start her young... that girl will be on tower of terror in no time :)