Saturday, April 17, 2010

The REVEAL party

April 16th, 2010 - the Andersen Reveal Party!

We, Andersens, have some of the best friends around and they are so excited about the new baby and how God continues to show His sense of humor with how He grows our family. So, they wanted to have a Reveal party to let everyone know what the sex of the new baby would be.

We had our appt at 9:15 on Friday morning and spent the day trying to keep a secret :) We did call our parents and siblings and tell them what the baby was but other than that, we tried to keep it quiet.

My Mom got this as her reveal

Chris' Dad got a balloon as well but I don't have a picture of it yet.

On to the party. We showed up and the decorations looked like this...

Our Peeps that came to celebrate with us - we are so thankful for the people - and many more!

Cadence with some of her peeps :)

A meltdown over who knows what?!?!?

Everyone gave name suggestions so Chris was reading some of them.

And then, the Reveal itself. We worked hard to make sure that Cadence didn't know what the baby was because we wanted her to be a part of the Reveal. We went back and forth all week on how to tell everyone what the newest Andersen was and eventually came up with a new doll for Cadence. However, this doll wasn't just any doll.

Years ago when we still lived in FL, I had a friend, Joey, who prayed for Chris and I lots with our struggle with infertility. Her family even tried every avenue that they knew of us to help us expand our family. So, the night before we moved to NC, Joey and her husband came over to our house to say good-bye. They showed up with this Cabbage Patch Doll and a card. In the card Joey explained that this doll was a physical reminder that there were people in FL who loved us and were believing for a family for us. Joey was convinced that not only would we somehow have a racially mixed family, but that the Lord would also give us a son. So, for 4 years this Cabbage patch doll has sat in the top of my closet and everytime I would walk into the closet and look at it, I was reminded of her dear friendship and the fact that the Lord had promised us something that we just had to wait on. We can now attest (like we couldn't before) that the Lord is faithful and not slow to keep His promises. Not only do we have a racially diverse family, but we have been given not 1 son, but 2! Our sweet Caleb Shaun, and this newest Andersen :)

Cadence was pretty excited about the present until she realized it was a boy! She has been sure that the new baby was a girl because in her brain, we already have a boy baby in Shaun. No worries tho, she's warming up to having 2 brothers :)
and loves her new baby named Alex Deree - I have no idea of where the name came from!

So, the Andersen family in it's latest completion!

Who knows what God has in store for the Andersens next. We're thinking an oriental girl would round us out pretty well but as we've learned over and over again thru the years, our best plans often aren't what God has for us........what He has is SO MUCH BETTER!


mama said...

Amen! Praise the Lord! Now we get to see what an Wilson boy will look like! Or at least 1/2 a Wilson! Wahoooo

Anonymous said...

So exciting!! We so wished we could have been there to share in the excitement. Love to you all! The Heath Family

Elizabeth said...

I think I should just "ditto" the Heath family comment... it's everything I would have said. ;)

Also, the cupcakes are adorable! And I love your new family of 5 picture. Did anyone get one where Shaun is looking too? If so, I think I need to update your Christmas card picture that's hanging on my wall!

So glad you had a fun time at your party!

Anthony and Sharon said...

Congrats guys! So excited for you!!! What a fun idea...I've seen it done before where the ultrasound tech actually puts the sex in an envelope and not even the couple knows til the reveal. Maybe (if we have awesome friends around us like you guys clearly do!) we'll do it on the next time around!

Ok, so when is the name reveal?! :)