Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Celebrations

Due to both Easter happening, and Shaun's surgery being bumped up, my Mom and Gran came up from FL to visit and help out. Well, since 5 of the 6 great-grandkids are now in NC we just had to get them all together :) So, here are some pics from our hanging out time with all the babies. The next post will be all of our Easter decorating eggs, cupcakes, and having an Easter Egg hunt but for now, here are some of my favs of the kids.

Sweet Adaline loved both Shaun's swing and Janey!

Janey loved Slang. Shaun did not love his food :(

Kagan and Cadence love popsicles - and ate about a half a box in 2 days!


karen said...

sweet pics!

Luke & April said...

Love those sweet babies!!! So jealous that I didn't get to be there with you guys :(