Thursday, April 8, 2010

Easter Eggs and Cupcakes

With so many of the great-grands around we thought that an Easter party would be appropriate. So, we got to work coloring eggs, and making cupcakes for the party. Actually we did the eggs the night before and the cupcakes the day of the party - but either way it was lots of chaos, mess, and fun!

Yellow and Green GiGi helped out with the cupcakes. Cadence and Kagan took their jobs very seriously :)

The Finished Product!

I don't know really who invented coloring eggs but I do know one thing, they didn't have 3 year olds that they were trying to color eggs with! It's lots of waiting and when you do get to put an egg in or take it out it can often be messy. As Cadence dropped one of the eggs onto the ground while trying to get it into the cup she was very concerned that she had "splatted" the egg. Thankfully they were cookced so there wasn't much "splatting" going on but there were several cracked eggs :)

and really, why even color Easter eggs if you can't wear a bunny mask while you do it


Elizabeth said...

This post just makes me smile... over and over. I love your masks; I can't believe how grown-up your daughter looks; I think the picture of Cadence and Kagan looking at each other while waiting and waiting on their eggs is hysterical. And I love that you shared about Shaebug and the splatted egg. Splatted is such a good word. ;)

Luke & April said...

The "waiting" picture is the second most hysterical thing I have ever seen... following closely behind the roller coaster pic :)

It somewhat reminded me of me and Amber. Cousins who were so close in age... so precious!