Saturday, April 10, 2010

Easter Sunday

I think this is the last of the Easter posts! Sorry for having so many but if works better for me to scrapbook later if it's divided up on the blog first.

So, after a family filled week with lots of fun being had, we made it to Resurrection Sunday. All week in the middle of the fun stuff we continued to talk to Cadence about how everything that we were doing for the week from Easter eggs, to the Gigi's being here, to Daddy getting to stay home were all because of what Jesus had done on the cross and the party we had for it. So, with a week-long celebration, we were so ready to head to church and be with our church family to celebrate Jesus being alive. Daddy had to go to church early to set up but thankfully the Gigi's stuck around to help me get the kids dressed and lunch in the oven.

Cadence was way into her Easter basket this year. Shaun, not so much, but he does enjoy chewing on the cup and teething ring that were in it :)

All dressed and ready for church! Now if only we could get a picture of the 2 kids looking at the camera with sweet faces at the same's difficult. and in my opinion, I look as exhausted as I felt by the time we got to the picture taking on Sunday morning but hey, at least we have a picture of the 3 of us and sometimes that's enough.


Elizabeth said...

Okay... so I have no idea if you filled their Easter baskets or if Mom did, but either way I love how practical Cadence's is... new panties... headbands... and band-aids. It reminds me of our Easter baskets with shaving gel. :) I still think she looks SO SO SO grown-up. And that's the same word I thought of for you... you don't look exhausted in your picture... you look pretty and grown-up. Just think, next Easter it will be even harder to get a picture of your kiddos!

Kristen said...

Even I remember the panties in a Wilson girl's Easter basket (and even a Reyher girl's!). The kids look like they're really having a ball. You are so blessed to have such great family so close by!

mama said...

I love making Easter baskets, thanks to you and Em for including me! Loved every minute of my Easter visit except the stomach bug!

Luke & April said...

Love those precious outfits... and the ginormous flower bow :) So cute!! Great job on the Easter baskets! I can't wait to fill an Easter basket... LG refuses to do it until we have kids.