Sunday, March 28, 2010

We're HOME!!

We are so glad to all be back together at home! After a very long week in the hospital and Cadence being with Kagan and Adaline (her cousins) all the NC Andersens are back together. On Saturday Cadence and I went to a Spring Fling at some friends church and afterward there was an egg hunt! We didn't know about the egg hunt so I didn't have her an Easter basket but that's OK. She still managed to have fun.

Here's she's running and playing with Ella before the egg hunt.

Keith helping the girls know how to scope out the eggs :)

Cadence hunting for Easter Eggs. She found 2! She was way more interested in playing than hunting for eggs which was fine with me because a massive Easter Egg hunt with kids running and fighting for eggs isn't my favorite thing anyway.

She traded in her eggs for a treat bag - which was way better in her world.

And here's an update on Shaun. Less than a week ago we were in the hospital
and he looked like this
Today we're heading out to church and he looks like this!

Thank you Lord for your protection and healing for our children in the last week!

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Elizabeth said...

These pictures just made me smile! I'm so happy you've been reunited with your girl. And Shaun's skinny legs sticking out between his shorts and his tennis shoes just crack me up. :)

by the way... my "word" for word verification is "sporkd"... reminds me of all those times we forked people's yards... you'd have to visit a lot of Wendy's to "spork" someone's yard!