Saturday, December 1, 2012

Pumpkin Cookies!

Every year for as long as I can remember in my life we have made pumpkin cookies. We love them - because they taste really good - and I love that it's a tradition that I'm passing to my own children that my mom passed to me. Some years we've done this with friends, some years - like this year - it's been just us, but it's always fun. 

Here are some pics from years past. I love looking back and seeing how the kids have grown from one year to the next!

 I'm pretty sure this was the first fall that Caleb ate and since he had started eating in January he was really good at it and had figured out that candy was yummy :)
 Creed had figured it out too!
 Cadence knew it all along :)
 This year it was just us at home making cookies and I was a slacker mom who had no extra fun candy. So, Candy Corn had to do. No one seemed to mind and we still got the cookies decorated and eaten!

 Creed may have done more candy eating than decorating :)

 So proud of their creations. We love pumpkin cookies!!

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Elizabeth Bradley said...

I never got around to making pumpkin cookies this year. So sad. I'm glad you guys did. :)