Monday, December 3, 2012

Christmas comes to the Andersen House

I do love Christmas. I love that it's a time I get to see most of my family. I love that we do purposeful family devotions every day. I love Christmas decorations. I love that we get to go to FL and be warmer than our people in NC :) I love the food that you get an excuse to eat it. I love the full calendar and multiple events with friends. I love the music. I love all of it. I mostly love that it's the time where we celebrate that our entire reason for living is full of hope because of what Jesus chose to do when He came to earth. and as our kids are getting older I love that we get to share that with them over and over again. 

Cadence and I had a conversation just the other week - after Christmas stuff was out - about why we decorate more for Christmas than we do for other holidays and it was such a sweet conversation with her where we were able to talk about the fact that we go all out in our decorating and celebrating because Jesus went all out for us. It's unfathomable to me that Jesus would leave His rightful place in the perfection of heaven to have a relationship with me and yet He did. and so if I can take a month out of the year and decorate my house as a daily reminder of what started Jesus' earthly journey, I'll do it. Even when it is a pain to keep small hands off of stuff :)

So, because my sisters, FL friends, and FL family won't get the chance to see our house decorated, here are some pictures of what you would see if you were to stop by this year at Christmas time. 

Caleb was quite the "helper" in this hanging fun. I know Chris was really grateful for it :)

4 stockings for our 4 kids. That still seems crazy to me!
Lots of snowmen this year!  I remember when Grannie gave me all this snowman stuff and I love looking at it and thinking about her. 


Elizabeth Bradley said...

I loved reading your first paragraph because it reminds me of (most of - we don't get to escape the cold this year!) reasons that I love Christmas. :) I also love that your girl is growing up and all the real conversations you get to have with her. Thanks for sharing pictures of Christmas at your house... now I need to share mine.

chrisa4357 said...

yes...yes you do need to share pictures of your house. I'd love to see them!