Wednesday, November 7, 2012


I don't very often update on school for Cadence so I figured maybe I should :)

She is doing really well this year. Her teacher is Miss Weieler and we really like her. She can't sing very well - which is rough with the amount of songs they sing - but someone had the great idea to give her a cd of kids singing the songs and that has helped alot!  So, as long as she doesn't stray away from the CD we're good :)

Cadence is doing so well in all her subjects. She's reading and FINALLY is at the point where she almost enjoys it. Just over the past few weeks has she started saying "I'm just going to go to my room and read"  as a person who loves to read, this makes me so happy - and a little jealous!

Overall, we are loving first grade. From speed drills to spelling tests, this year feels much more like real "school" than last year. A few weeks ago we recorded some of her scripture memorization. Last year we did a verse at a time and this year that has changed to where she does multiple verses together. It's impressive to me that she can remember that much!  But she does, and does it well. So, click on the links below to watch her recite her verses. Some of it is mumbled and you'll need a KJV Bible to follow along but other than that, it's pretty enjoyable :)

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Elizabeth Bradley said...

So fun that Shae is learning to love reading. I completely understand why you'd be jealous of her "I'm going to go to my room and read." ;)