Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Birthday Party for Jesus

Our Birthday party for Jesus is definitely one of my favorite traditions that we have started since having children. And the older the kids get, the more fun the party is getting!  It's so fun to me that these same little girls have partied and celebrated Jesus coming to earth together for the past 3 or 4 years. My prayer is that as they get older they will continue to be great friends who spread the HOPE that they have grown up hearing about. 

Here they all are decorating their cupcakes. At Jesus' birthday party you get to decorate, blow out a candle and eat your own cupcake :)

The addition of boys to the party has been fun and a little interesting. We'll get better at it as the years go I'm sure!

Singing Happy Birthday to Jesus with their candles all lit. 

Caleb thought he was big stuff with his own knife full of icing!

Creed just ate lots of icing with his fingers because he had eaten his entire cupcake 
before any started decorating!

Cadence picked out a "hanitizer" for each of her friends. I love that she loves to give gifts. 

After cupcakes we started decorating Christmas trees. 
First step: paint popsicle sticks

While Christmas trees were drying we had a scavenger hunt to find all the pieces to the nativity. Everyone found one piece and then had to tell what part their piece played in the story. It was so fun to hear the story from the girls point of view. The boys mostly just wanted people to fight or a pirate to show up.....we're still working out the story for them :)

You had to put your piece at the best spot so that everyone could see baby Jesus. 

Sometimes there aren't enough pieces so giraffes and Larry the Pirate need to show up too!

and then there was sword fighting - necessary at all events with boys
After going thru the story our trees still weren't dry so we moved on to ornament making. 
Glitter is so messy. 
That is all. 

FINALLY the trees were dry!  So then we moved on to decorating. 
So fun and definitely less messy than glitter!

Creed much preferred being a fighter!
Until the M&M's came out for Christmas Bingo. 
Then all of a sudden even Creed was a participant in the party :)

This face totally represents all things 6 & 7 year old to me!
I was stunned at how much fun they had playing bingo. 
We will definitely remember it for years and other parties to come!

and so our party ended. It was so much fun and I am so grateful for these people and this season that lets us celebrate that we are the people we are because Jesus came to earth. It is such an honor to know that we get to pass on these truths to our children and I pray that we will do it well every day and not just in the Christmas season. 


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