Friday, December 7, 2012

RAID: Holiday Edition

RAID is a youth event we do once a quarter. The original premise was to "raid" a resturaunt around closing time with a bunch of teenagers and totally overwhelm the staff. Well, we've changed it a little bit in that we do want to overwhelm the staff but we want to do it with how respectful, polite and helpful we are :) This time since it was close to Christmas, Chris decided to call it the holiday edition and attach some fun other than the eating together part. So, everyone met at the church, loaded up on the bus and went to McDonalds. 

 After eating and overwhelming with kindness, we got back on the bus and headed to the bonus part. The kids didn't know where we were going but we headed to an indoor sports complex for a fun-filled 2 hour long kickball game!
Caleb, Creed and Cadence were so excited to get to ride on the bus with the big kids!

and then we kickballed! and while everyone participated in the game, most of these pics are of Andersen kids because that's really what this blog is about :)

 I am so grateful for all of these kids and the role models they are for our children! 
God has blessed us greatly. 

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