Sunday, December 2, 2012

Christmas Parade

The Mooresville Christmas parade has become a great tradition for the Andersen clan. Every year the  Tuesday before thanksgiving most everyone in Mooresville comes out to either be in or watch the parade. This year we had a little extra excitement because I lost Creed about 15 minutes before the parade started - which was terrifying- but thanks to lots of friends, a few strangers, and a couple emergency workers, we found him right as the parade was starting! And he was basically touched by someone in our group the entire rest of the parade to make sure he didn't wander off again :)

On to the parade. There was a Shriner parade that came before the actual parade so that was kind of interesting. I had no idea there was such a huge Shriner presence in our area but they came out in droves on this day!

Here we all are waiting for the parade to start. Everyone in this picture was part of our group. As I look at this picture I am so grateful for these people and the place they have found in our life. I really don't know how people survive without a community of believers to be a part of. 

And now for the Shriners. 

The kids all loves that these guys would go right down the line and high five everyone from their little cars. 

I loved that this old guy on the organ ended the Shriners. It was perfect! 

and then the real parade began...... for the record, there may have been some legitimate floats/exhibitions in the parade but those aren't necessarily fun to blog about. So, instead, I went for pictures of the unique, surely this would only happen in Mooresville, things because they're way funner to look at anyway!
like a nascar car
or 150 brownies walking down the road instead of getting to watch the parade
I wish that this tractor thing was rare, but it just wasn't!
more people that we love and are grateful for :)
yup that's the Goodwill truck

but that's Ok because after yet another Nascar car, there was the Habitat for Humanity ReStore truck :)

random vehicles just driving all by themselves advertising whatever they wanted to 

Brent, Monica and Caleb all enjoying the festivities. 

a random soprano sax player - but he was playing Christmas music!

ACRO - we actually really like these people. They are a tumbling/fitness group 
that are fantastic to watch. 

more car advertisements and even an old Dodge Caravan pulling a float. I guess as long as it's got a trailer hitch, you're good to go!

A Marching Band. That's always fun!

a Shepherd with sunglasse: just like in Biblical times. 

Sportclips is a hair cutting place so it make perfect sense for them to be in the Christmas parade. Right? 

This tree was made out of water bottles. That was pretty cool!

a grown man in footy pj's and knock-off Disney characters - 
all part of the Mooresville Christmas Parade experience

the other half of the Mooresville High Marching Band. It's so big it they split it up and march at 2 different points in the parade. 

This is a rolling camel. We've seen him before in the parade so he must be a regular. 
These are our friends the Binghams. Michael , our worship pastor, is driving the truck pulling the football team that he helped coach this year. It's pretty cool because as a church we have had the opportunity to minister to some of the kids on the team and with our new bus ministry, they have started attending church with us! I really appreciate Michael's heart for these kids and the Kingdom of God and how we can combine the 2 to further the Gospel. 

Ally - Michael's daughter and one of Cadence's best buddies. 

more random vehicles
and at my count, this is the third box truck in the parade! 

There were something like 150 different entries in the parade and it's entirely too long but we endure because it's a great opportunity to be with friends, have fun with our kids, make fun of the town we live in, and kick off the holidays all at once. 

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