Thursday, December 13, 2012

Caleb's preschool Christmas

Today was Caleb's first ever preschool program. This morning before leaving the house he was talking about ow he was not going to sing any songs today so we were a little worries :) however, we hurried to dress everyone, cram some breakfast into everyone's mouth, and rushed out the door. All the while hoping Caleb would participate. We figured either way it had the potential to be amusing!

Here is the empty stage waiting on all the kids to come in.

The boys were hanging out with Chris and I and our friends Amanda and Karen, while Cadence sat with some other friends - because she's big like that :)

This dimple slays me!

And then the kids started coming in....we were holding our breath to see which Caleb showed up -the compliant or stubborn one- we were pleased when compliant Caleb walked on to the stage!

I know I'm biased but these next pictures just show that we have one seriously cute little man!

Ms Nancy welcoming us all

All the preschool kids together!

Caleb doing a fantastic job with his jingle bells! I'm not gonna lie, I may have been praying that he didn't hit any of his friends with those bells.........

This is when he saw his sister in the audience :)

And when he finally saw Daddy! And then this ridiculously cute smile showed up and that's when I was done :) I love this little boy so much!

He did so well being patient and waiting on his class to be ready to walk out. And he got to be the line leader! And I don't know if you can remember being 3 but being the line leader is a BIG deal when you're 3!

We headed out to have cookies and punch after this where 3 separate moms came up to introduce themselves because their kid always comes home talking about Caleb. We are so proud of him and the kind of friend he is learning to be. This semester of preschool has been such a success for him and we can't wait to see what next semester holds.
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The Lourceys said...

This is SO cute!!! And I love that the boys match. You should have gotten their picture together!

Elizabeth Bradley said...

Totally agree with Emma... such a cute post... mostly because you have such cute kids.

1. Can your littlest man get any cuter?!? I can't believe I'm not going to get to love on him in his baby stages. So sad.

2. Creed's dimple would pretty much undo me too.

3. I'd have been praying the same about the jingle bells if I was in your shoes! ;)

4. Caleb's smile when he sees you guys is beyond adorable. As is his pride at being the line leader. I'm not surprised at all that other kids go home talking about him. He's a fun kid for sure!