Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Other familiar sightings since Creed has shown up

Life does continue on in our world, even if we do have a new addition and it would be nice to stop everything for awhile. Cadence still goes to school, Caleb Shaun still has his therapies every week, Chris goes to work and teaches in the afternoons, and I just try to keep everything (and myself) going with the adjustment of an additional person here all the time. Thankfully, we have fantastic friends who stay with me the entire time Chris is at school. Because of the c-section, I can't pick up Caleb Shaun, which has been really difficult, so the extra person here all day is to take him in and out of his crib, put him in and out of the high chair, chase him around the house since I don't move very fast, etc.

So, here are some pictures of life as it keeps on going post-Creed.

Caleb Shaun still drums on everything he can get his hands on!

Cadence got her halloween costume and has been practicing being super-girl :) My favorite part is the key stuck in her belt!

Caleb Shaun is even more mobile and pulls up on the grocery cart or his blue chair and pushes his way around the house.

There's quite a bit of this that goes on

Cadence thought it was funny that she fit in Shaunie's shirt

Shaun discovering Creed for the first time. He ripped his socks off and made him cry. This seems to be pretty normal for their relationship at this point. We're convinced that Caleb Shaun is just getting Creed ready to be a great play-mate long term.

More pulling up

Cadence has discovered that her hair can be braided and loves it! Sadly, I can't braid so Mom had to do it while she was here and Cadence has to wait until someone else shows up that knows how to braid.

Lots of this goes on too :)

All the NC great-grands having popsicles and sharing Creed.

As Shaunie gets more adjusted to life with a little brother, we're seeing way more smiles again from him instead of him always screaming at us. We're REALLY glad for this!


The Lourceys said...

I love Cadence's costume. And Caleb Shaun pulling up on that grocery cart is too much. His big ol' body and little tiny legs are hilarious!

Elizabeth said...

Your posts are making my day. Seriously. I'm not sure if this is a sign that you feel better, that you're fed up with not having all your ducks in a row on your blog, or if this extra bit of free time is because of some dear saint-of-a-friend who is taking care of you and thus you feel freedom to blog. If that's the case, then I could kiss her... whoever she is. ;)

As for your posts. Love them. Really. Love them. Seeing Shaunie smile and stand and chewing on my rocking chair (is that my old rocker?) just makes me smile. Seeing Creed screaming because Caleb ripped his socks off makes me smile even more. And seeing Shae's costume is the icing on the cake.... especially the ear plugs dangling over one shoulder!

p.s. Can you video Caleb pushing the grocery cart? I'd love to see that! I know, right? Not like you have much to do these days. Don't worry. I'm patient.

mama said...

Love it........it makes me miss all my babies!!!