Saturday, September 25, 2010

How Creed came into the world

This blog post is SO late in coming but we've had issues uploading to blogger and I (ashleigh) don't have the patience to work with it so, it's taken a while to find the time to sit down and work with it. So, here's the story of how Creed got here. I know it's late and you've already heard it but for my scrapbooking purposes, I need to have it written down. So, skip the words if you want to :)

I went to my appt on Tuesday Sept 7th hoping to get some answers about how dialated I was or if the dr thought that Creed might show up sometime in the next week or so. Mom and Dad wanted to drive up on Thursday because it was a holiday but didn't want to be here a week before Creed was born so that they didn't waste their time off. So, we get to the appt and the nurse remarks that my blood pressure is high. Lynn, the midwife, comes in and says to lay down on the table for a while and let's listen to Creed's heartbeat and measure me and then they'll retake my blood pressure. So, that's what we do and it's still high. She then says that they'd like me to go to the hospital for monitoring purposes and depending on what's going on and how my body responds, we'll either have the baby or I can go home and rest. So, Chris took Caleb Shaun to our friend Karen, and I got wheeled over to the hospital in a wheelchair.

At the hospital they began fluids because Beverly, another midwife, thought I was dehydrated and after a day on the lake and a day at Carowinds over the weekend, not to mention playing bass at church on Sunday, I couldn't really argue with her that I might have overdid it on the weekend. My blood pressure did come down after a couple of hours of laying in a bed and having fluids put in me. An ultrasound tech came in to do some kind of bio-fetal scan - which is typical before you can be discharged - and Creed didn't do well on the scan. He needed to be moving so they could measure how much amniotic fluid I had left and he wouldn't move - even tho we tried everything to get him to. So, I measured that I didn't have much fluid around the baby and that the baby wouldn't move. Beverly, the midwife, came in as the ultrasound tech was finishing up the test and noticed that Creed looked large on the monitor and asked if the tech would mind doing a "fetal weight estimate" The tech agreed to and agreed that Creed looked big to her and began the test. The test measured him at 9 lb 11 oz. Because he didn't pass the scan that was done first, they explained that I couldn't leave the hospital until Creed was born and so I had the option to be induced and try to labor and get him out or we could do a c-section. They were concerned about how broad Creed's shoulders were and whether or not I could get them thru the birth canal and if I got him out, what kind of damage would be done to his head or shoulders so Chris and I opted to go they way they recommended - which was a c-section.

Cadence had gone to preschool that morning and my friend Jenn had picked her up. So, we called jenn and asked her to bring Cadence to the hospital so that we could explain what was going on to her. She seemed to be Ok with everything and didn't have too many questions so we kept going with everything as planned and she went back to Mary's house to play.

I got taken to the OR to be prepped and Chris had time to play and take pictures while waiting on me to get ready.

It didn't take crazy long once they got going. The anesthiology medicine made me sick initially and so they had to get that balanced out and then told Chris to come in and we got going. Chris and I were laughing and joking about stuff as they began to cut me open. he would occasionally peek over the curtain but we thought it might be inappropriate to take pictures of what all was going on. Just a few minutes later, we heard the sweetest cry and knew that Creed had finally showed up! Our initial reaction was about how white he was. Having 2 children who are pretty brown skinned with heads full of black hair, it was strange to see a fair-skinned baby with no hair. But I guess, that makes sense coming from the 2 of us! So, he was here and we were super excited. Chris went with Creed to have all the initial baby stuff done while I was stiched up and taken to recovery. and just a little while later, in came Chris and Creed and we got to all hang out in the recovery room until we were taken to our new room where we spent the next couple of days.

Creed was huge - in our opinion - and we still can't believe that we had a 10 lb 2 oz baby. His feet were off the papers where they tried to stamp them :) and they had to bring us size 1 diapers because the newborn ones just didn't fit him!

Chris changing the first of many diapers on our new boy :)

Our sweet boy resting after a very long first day on the outside


relying on God said...

Creed is so precious! Congrats you guys. Hope that all is going well with you!

Elizabeth said...

What?!? The newborn diapers didn't fit him? I hadn't heard that... see there IS a good reason to tell your stories here. :)

Chris' space suit and photos amuse me. And every time I see that first photo of the 3 of you, I can't help but smile. I like how you can see Chris' eyes smiling even though the mask covers up the rest of his face!

Hooray for a new sweet boy!

mama said...

He is perfect, just what we ordered! We are so blessed!