Tuesday, September 28, 2010


When you bring a new baby home, there are lots of firsts. Thankfully between Mom and I, most of them are documented. At least from the first week :) So, here are some pictures from Creed's firsts.

First time sleeping in his bassinet (if only he could remember that this is where he's supposed to sleep and not in our bed!)

First outing with the family. A girl from church was having a pancake breakfast to raise money for her YWAM trip to Australia so we all went to have pancakes at Applebees.

First Sunday lunch out - at Pueblo Grande with the Kales!

First trip to the park. Mom, the Kales, and I took the kids to the park to have lunch and play. Chris met us because he had some time for lunch from school so he came to hang out with us too!

First Bath. Cadence was the photographer.

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Elizabeth said...

Cadence's big sister shirt with her braids and Chris with an armload of boys and Mom pushing Caleb Shaun in his cart just warms my heart. Even on a cold, rainy night in Prague.

p.s. My arms ache to hold Creed. (Sigh)