Sunday, September 5, 2010

American Girl Party

As a wrap-up to the birthday posts this trip to Atlanta needs to be documented. Cadence's Kay-Kay and Aunt Melissa came over from Raleigh to take her to the American Girl store for a tea party. For her 2nd birthday Kay-Kay gave Cadence "Ella" her first American Girl doll. Cadence loves Ella and plays with her lots. So, for her birthday this year, KayKay wanted to take her to one of the American Girl stores to experience it all herself. Atlanta is the closest one to us, so that's where they headed. Cadence had such a great time and is still talking about her trip with KayKay and Lissa. :)

Taking in all the options of dolls she never knew about. This could be dangerous!

At the table to have lunch with Ella, KayKay and Lissa.
The decorations
Cadence messing up the picture by making a silly face

Ella had her own seat and place setting. She had lemonade and a bowl of fruit while Cadence decided on pizza. But from what we heard, Cadence did a great job making sure Ella had plenty to eat and drink.

Ella made out with a new outfit - Thanks KayKay! - and so here she is driving home in her carseat wearing her new dress.


Elizabeth said...

What a super fun trip! Cadence Shae is super blessed to have a KayKay and a Lissa in her life. :)

mama said...

Awwww, what a great Kay-Kay she has! Such a pretty, prissy girl she is becoming! :) Love it!