Sunday, September 5, 2010


Yesterday we went to Carowinds - mostly in hopes of walking Creed right out of me - to spend some time with the kids before he shows up. Thankfully, the weather completely changed from what it's been and the temps never got out of the mid 80's and was perfect for a morning of walking a theme park! So, we got up, had breakfast, dressed the kids, and took off.

Here we're entertaining ourselves while Daddy got gas and Starbucks for everyone!
Cadence picked her own outfit - including the hat - for the day and we thought it was adorable! Caleb Shaun's shirt is a b-day present from Aunt Emily that Chris LOVES!

Waiting to get on the carousel
THe past times we've been to Carowinds Caleb Shaun doesn't really get to do much but this time he rode several of the rides. This ride was really slow but he had so much fun being up high and looking out at everything.

Cadence loves to drive the cars so we had to take a turn waiting while her and Daddy drove around.

On the train. The one with just Chris and Shaun makes me laugh because it looks like Caleb Shaun's hair is huge but it's really a plant.

CHEESE FRIES! They were fabulous! and more importantly, look at our boy with a french fry in his mouth! That, my friends, is an answer to prayer!

Once we got to Carowinds, we realized that we had left Shaun's bag at home so we only stayed a couple of hours before heading back home. But it was long enough to make my, Ashleigh, feet swell lots and to walk around for awhile. Creed didn't show up last night but we're hoping any day now. Even if that means that we have to go back to Carowinds. We certainly wouldn't get any complaints from the kids because they had so much fun :)


Elizabeth said...

Your life just makes me smile these days... minus the swollen feet and seemingly endless waiting. Your girl is adorable. I lover her outfit! and Caleb's shirt is just perfect.... almost as perfect as that photo of him reaching for a fry and then sticking it in his mouth. Hooray! And hooray for great weather and good times with Chris and the kiddos!

mama said...

Family Fun ~ nothin' like it! Enjoy every minute!

I can't wait for hugs and kisses! See you soon.........