Friday, October 1, 2010

Fall Fun!

While Mom and Dad were here, we attempted to get a fall picture of the 3 kids together. This is much harder work than it seems when you're just talking about a picture of 3 children together! So, after getting everyone dressed and the house decorated for fall, we decided to do the pictures on the front steps :) Here are some of my favorites from the "photo shoot" I'm glad at least Cadence cooperated and was aware of what was going on because the boys had no clue that we were even taking pictures!

This one I love because of Caleb Shaun's mouth. If you spend much time with him you learn - rather quickly - that he communicates be shrieking. He has this high pitched scream that comes out whether he's frustrated, angry, excited, or just wanting you to look at him and in the picture, he is doing his scream. and Cadence and Creed are completely un-phased because it happens so often that we pretty much ignore it these days :)


Elizabeth said...

Ha! I'm so glad you posted these pictures because I've laughed and laughed at the ones Mom sent my way. You left out one of my favorites though... the one of Caleb Shaun trying to mess with Creed and Cadence's mouth shaped like an O as she's telling him NO. When you put them in sequence they're even funnier... because Caleb Shaun's screaming picture came right on the heels of that... followed by someone giving him the leaves to play with... followed by the one of 2 of the 3 actually looking at the camera. :) I love the chaos of 3 kiddos! So so so fun!

p.s. Can you change my name on the side to say "liz and shannon" so it doesn't look like I'm the only single Wilson girl! ;)

mama said...

LOL, you can certainly say you have KIDS now.......... amazing! I do love fall and these bunch of Andersens! So fun!

karen said...

so precious! Cadence is such a BIG sister, she looks like she could just take care of both of them all by herself. love that Shaunie. Thankfully, Creed is oblivious to the craziness for now.