Sunday, September 26, 2010

Hanging at the hospital and coming home!

The days following Sept 7th were pretty uneventful. It was lots of hanging out and me healing and getting the hang of helping Creed survive. We had great nurses who were very helpful and yet, for the most part, stayed out of our way and let us do our own thing. Creed lost more weight than they were comfortable with - he went from 10 lb 2 oz to 9 lb 3 oz - so the nurses thought it would be a good idea to supplement my breastfeeding until my milk came in. I wasn't thrilled with this but thankfully they had donor breastmilk at the hospital and so we gave Creed that in a bottle instead of formula.

Cadence spent lots of time at the hospital learning how to be a great big sister. She loves both of her brothers so much and really wants to be a good big sister, although sometimes that's hard. She picked out this balloon and teddy bear to give to Creed and brought it to the room to us.

Here are random pictures of us hanging out at the hospital. Skyping, feeding, and sleeping were pretty much what we did.

Flowers from MiMi and Pop Pop that we got to enjoy during our stay.

Cadence was so tired at the end of this day but we were waiting on Chris to get to the hospital before Mom and Dad left with Cadence. So, she sat in the big hospital bed and held Creed for us.

me still on the computer :)

Dressing Creed to go home. Mom bought this outfit the same time she bought Cadence's to go home from the hospital 4 years ago. So, they matched. Hers was way too big when she came home and Creed's fit pretty well. They wore the same shoes home too but on Creed we had to cram his foot into them because they were too small for us big feet!

The nurse, Amber, was very helpful to us both days we were at the hospital. In fact, she's the nurse that was with me the first day for monitoring and prepped me for the c-section before she went off duty and then ended up being with us Wednesday and Thursday as our nurse in the regular room. I'm so grateful that we found favor with everyone who helped us and they were nice and helpful the entire time. I prayed specifically for that and the Lord more than answered our prayers!

All our loot to go home!

Creed in his first car ride. He did much better on it than he has done since then :)


The Lourceys said...

Oh my goodness he looks so big in that carseat picture! I can't wait to see him again soon.

Elizabeth said...

I completely agree with Em... he does looks SO big in his carseat.

A few of my favorites...
1. Seeing your girl sitting in the bed holding her real life sleeping baby doll.
2. Seeing my husband's smiling face on your computer screen.
3. That Cadence Shae wore a blue dress the day her brother came home from the hospital.
4. Seeing Mom in the mirror.
5. How happy your face looks leaving the hospital with Creed. And how he seems to be looking out the door wondering "where on earth are they taking me???"