Monday, August 23, 2010

Shaun's First Football Game

Ok So in the Andersen house there is really only one sport we all enjoy. Football! Everyone puts up with Daddy watching basketball but only because there isn't any football to watch. Now that it is time for high school football, it is an exciting time for us.

There are lots of perks to working for the Mooresville Graded School District. The one we like the best is free admission to all sporting events for employees and their families. I really like taking Ashleigh and Cadence to the football games every year. But it is a little different when you get to take your son to his first football game! Caleb always liked to watch football on TV when he was really little so I figured that going to a real game would be great.

Walking up he was having fun but when we got into the stadium he was just dumbfounded by all the people and the colors and the noise. Fortunately the Blue Devils played a great game (We won 24-0!) so there were a lot of cheers. Each one caused Caleb to jump right out of his skin!
He made a lot of friends and entertained everyone around him, especially when I would toss him into the air when we made a big play!

Cadence always likes the games. She really likes the cheerleaders and the Blue Diamonds dance team. Her friend from church Big Mary is on the dance line so an awful lot of Cadence's game time is spent looking for Big Mary and trying to get her attention. As a note Big Mary is not especially big, Cadence just has a friend who is 4 and also named Mary, hence Big Mary and Little Mary.

I am looking forward to more games this year. But I am eagerly looking forward to more male bonding experiences with Caleb. Hopefully the football team does well so we can bring Creed to a game this year too!

Walking up to the stadium

Let's Go Blue Devils!

Here are a few pictures of the Blue Diamonds and the cheerleaders for Cadence!

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mama said...

A first of many, he's a chip off the ole block! No tellin what's in his future!