Tuesday, August 17, 2010

New Bedrooms for Everyone!

After lots of different thoughts on how to fit all 3 kids into bedrooms with Chris and I both teaching in the house, we decided to put the boys together and fix them a Star Wars room and put Cadence in a room by herself. In order to help motivate her to sleep in her own room - right now she sleeps in the boys room - we thought new bedding would be a good idea. So, as part of her birthday, she got new bedding that would still match everything else. She really likes the bedding but still likes to sleep in the room with Caleb Shaun too.......so we're still working on it. Either way, here is a picture of her new bed.

After taking a picture of the bedding, she wanted to take pictures of everything else in her room so here are a few of those pictures taken by Cadence herself!

For the boys room, we wanted to use all the Star Wars stuff we have collected over the years and thought it would be fun and different than a normal nursery. Thankfully Pottery Barn now carries Vintage Star Wars bedding so that was the majority of Caleb Shaun's birthday!

His new big boy bed that his sister sleeps in :)

Because of the bedding we chose, we didn't like the green walls with it so, we decided to paint! and spent most of last week putting the boys room together. After 3 days of painting and molding and 2 full nights of putting together lego ships, the room started to come together. We're really happy with how it turned out and think the boys will be able to enjoy it for lots of years to come.

The boys verses that coincide with their names. Cadence has her verses hanging in her room too from when she was born. And the new-to-us dresser that holds the boys clothes.


The Lourceys said...

Wow, that looks so good! I love how the colors turned out.

relying on God said...

those are some fun rooms! I really like your new banner for your blog too. Great family picture!

mama said...

Guess Aunt Connie and I better get going on the bumper pad for Creed's bed, he needs to match too!

Luke & April said...

The rooms look awesome!! Great Job!! The Star Wars room turned out really great, but what is the white contraption between the crib and changing table??

chrisa4357 said...

HA! April, that's the bed rail that belongs under the bed until Shaun sleeps in it. It got pulled out and that just became its new home.

Elizabeth said...

So, so fun! I love everyone's new rooms. And the paint job in the coolest-ever-nursery looks fabulous. :)