Thursday, August 5, 2010

Opening presents with Mommy and Daddy

Cadence was way into her birthday this year. It's like she's finally figured out that it's a day that centers around her AND she gets presents! What could be better than than in the mind of a 4 year old? :) So, when she woke up on August 3rd, we had her presents out on the table. She was so excited and couldn't wait to start opening them. So, Chris and I drug ourselves out of bed and let the present opening begin.

There was lots of princess stuff this year. An apron/oven mitt set, a pillowcase to be colored, a snow globe, a couple of barbies, a ballet stage for her princesses, etc. and of course the ever practical "school clothes" from Mommy and Daddy. They weren't nearly as exciting :)

Here she is looking at the back of the box.

A disclaimer here:
I hate the back of the box. All it does is show a kid what they don't have and still need. Why can't we just be grateful for the toy in the box? No, everything that was opened and photographed, when she held it up for the picture - she could see the back of the box and it shows everything in the collection that she didn't get!. It should be illegal for toy makers to put anything on the back of a box that a toy comes in.

and yes, she is kissing Prince Eric she was so excited to have a new boy! Now Prince Navine doesn't have to marry all the girls.


The Lourceys said...

All of that princess paper is amazing! I've never thought about the back of the box but I think it would (and probably will) make me mad too.

Elizabeth said...

Ha! Your back of the box disclaimer cracks me up and is SO true! I too can't believe your girl is 4 already... or that she'll be starting kindergarten this time next year. Craziness!! I think my favorite picture is the volleyball/soccer ball (?) photo for 2 reasons. 1 - It's a way fun outside toy. 2 - She looks so perplexed looking at it... like either she can't figure out why you would have given it to her or perhaps she can't figure out why it isn't covered in princesses?!? ;)

mama said...

Awww, treasure these memories....priceless!

Luke & April said...

Liz, she's definitely confused about that ball because girls in our family don't play Sports!!! I love all the princess stuff too! Luke's response to the first picture was... "that girl gets too many presents!" : ) Hey, that's the fun of being 4!!