Thursday, August 5, 2010

Shae's 4 year old Party

For Cadence's "party" this year we decided to just invite some friends along to have our nails done and go to lunch. It was way fun - and completely exhausting - to have a few hours with Cadence and her friends but completely worth it because of all the fun that was had.

After picking everyone up and delivering Caleb Shaun, we were off to the nail place. Everyone picked their color and the ladies got to work painting nails.

The dryer station proved to be lots of fun for all the girls. They were so big to sit there while their nails dried.

After the nail adventures, Cadence wanted to have pizza for lunch so we headed to Tony's Pizza for the rest of the party. After ordering our cheese pizza and getting everyone's drink, we settled in to being opening presents. The other people in the restaurant that all the girls were cute but I'm sure heard they heard more dialogue about princesses than they had bargained for during their lunch break :)

The pizza was finally finished (according to the girls who had to wait so long) and it was quite impressive to me how 5 little girls killed a medium pizza!

Thankfully tho, there was still room for cupcakes! Cadence had requested sparkly blue cupcakes - one of her favorite colors right now - and so this is what we came up with.

These little girls were so much fun and truly made me laugh most of the time. I'm so glad that Cadence has such great friends that she is growing up with and can't wait to see what their friendships look like as they continue to grow up.

Everyone showing off their Ariel toy :)


The Lourceys said...

I am quite impressed with the sparkly blue cupcakes. It looks like they had lots of fun!

Elizabeth said...

Oh. my. word. Those are some SERIOUSLY sparkly blue cupcakes. You're such a fun mom! Blue icing is so gross to me. I love her nail party... and I'm feeling way out of the Cadence loop because I only know Ella and Mary and not the 2 blonde cuties. :)

chrisa4357 said...

It was cream cheese icing so at least it tasted good even if it looked super gross being all blue and sparkly. The other 2 girls are friends from church. Kelsey and Ally.

mama said...

Such a girly girl we have, can't sometime believe that she belongs to YOU! LOL

Luke & April said...

The blue cupcakes are awesome!! Smart idea to stick Ariel on top! And btw you are the best mom ever for going to the store for icing at 9:30 at night when you are 9 months pregnant!!