Monday, August 2, 2010

Happy Birthday to Everyone!

10 years ago this dog was born in the backwoods of FL. We were not even married at the time but somehow Slangnasty Andersen showed up and began to change our world.

4 years ago today this super sweet baby was brought into our world and changed us forever.

1 year ago today, another sweet baby was born and even tho he didn't come into our world until almost 2 months later, we were again changed forever.

Today we celebrate both of our sweet babies (and Slang) as they turn 10, 4 and 1! The verse that has come to my mind over and over again as I've thought about how God has put our family together is Proverbs 16:9
In his heart a man plans his course, but the
Lord determines his steps.

We would have never been able to take a guess 10 years ago when I gave Slang to Chris as a Christmas present that 10 years later we would live in Mooresville NC with, not only Slang, but 2 incredible children given to us from 2 incredible girls. Adoption has literally changed our lives. The fact that these 2 children, along with Slang, all share a birthday is certainly comical on lots of levels yet at the same time, I think how perfect that it bonds our 2 children who come from completely different people with completely different DNA and join them together in a way that only God Himself would be thoughtful enough to come up with.


Daddy and I are so glad that God chose to give the 2 of you to us to be our children and look forward to lots of years juggling how to have 2 birthdays on the same day and make you both feel like the special blessings that you are.


Elizabeth said...

What a perfect verse for your family! Your sweet munchkins' shared birthday is a great example of God's thoughtfulness and creativity and I loved the way you stated it in this post. Happy Birthday indeed!!!!

And I don't know if I ever knew that Slang shared their birthday. Craziness! Hope your girl has fun getting her nails done today with her friends... and that your sweet boy enjoys his party this weekend! Wish we could be there to celebrate with you all. :) Love you!

mama said...

Double "Blessings" are exactly what you have!! God is Good!