Saturday, April 4, 2009

Monkey Joes

This week had several rainy days and so to help with the stir -craziness we ventured out to Monkey Joes. If you don't know, Monkey Joes is a place that is just full of the big inflatable play things for kids. At first Cadence was a little unsure because the slides are pretty tall and it's a new sensation to her to walk where everything is "squishy" but she got a little more relaxed the longer we were there. 

Sorry all the pictures are blurry, it's hard to capture a 2 year old bouncing on an inflatable. 

This slide was the only one she really liked. It wasn't too tall. 
Oh yeah, our friends Mary and Emily went with us. :)And the biggest news was that at some point Cadence got a bloody nose. I don't even know how it happened. I just looked at her and she was bleeding. But we got it stopped and a trip to McDonalds for lunch doesn't hurt anything either. 

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mama said...

Looks like fun!! Be thankful for the rain, last summer you had a brown yard! :)