Monday, April 13, 2009

Memphis Zoo

On Wednesday we went to Memphis to see my cousin Amber. The zoo in Memphis has pandas at it and the weather was beautiful so we decided to go see the animals. After several snow days it was so great to be outside. 

Here is Cadence looking at the fish outside the Panda exhibit. 
Petting the pretend panda :)  Didn't get any pics of the actual pandas because they were so entertaining to us that we were laughing and forgot all about pictures (oops)
Sea Lions
Polar Bears!!  They were super cool and Cadence wasn't scared at all. 
This was how she spent most of the time at the zoo looking at the animals. 
Monkeys with Amber
The zoo had a petting zoo area that was fun (once we actually found something that could be petted). Cadence liked the cows. 

Looking at the pigs with Amber and Mr. Robert. 
This cow was fun to sit on. 
According to Chris ;)
and Amber :)


mama said...

Yay for the zoo! She does love animals, we need to head back to Busch Gardens soon, come on summer!

Elizabeth said...

I love her face as she's petting the baby calf. :) And climbing over the fence to pet it! So fun to see pictures of Amber on here... I miss her!