Friday, April 17, 2009

Another morning in the Andersen House

I know that I still have more of our Spring break trip to post. All the fun egg/Easter stuff and it will come...but for now this video was too good to not post. Click HERE to watch it. :)

and Liz, just so you know, if I had my own blog that wasn't about Cadence I would have to post that today I figured out how to get red koolaid off of my counter tops :)


Luke & April said...

"It's so hard" :o)

This post made me Lought Out Loud!! She is too much!!

Elizabeth said...

But Ashleigh... if you didn't have a Cadence then would you have red koolaid to clean up? ;) I can't believe she said "it's too hard" multiple times about cleaning it up. And did you really not see it until you walked in there with the video or had you already seen the mess? And did she get a towel? or did she get in trouble? The world will never know... :)

chrisa4357 said...

I really didn't see it until I walked into the kitchen. I got out of the shower and was getting dressed when I noticed her mouth. the questioning began and i the explanations were so funny and so what I deal with on a minute-to-minute basis that I thought everyone needs to hear this. So, I turned the camera on and we started again. "it's too hard" is now a normal part of our days and then I get to prove her wrong ;)

For the record, she did not get in trouble. She just had to get the towel, clean up the mess and get the towel into the washing machine and we moved on with our day. All of which she did without any type of dramatic episode. :)

The Lourceys said...

This is definitely the funniest video so far. We both laughed out loud. I love how matter of fact she is when she says, "my tup" and "by myself" and of course when she says, "it's too hard." I cannot wait to see you guys next weekend!