Tuesday, March 31, 2009

more Spring break prep work

So, some of you may think this is dumb but Chris and I were pretty excited about it. 

First of all, we love Craigslist! It can't be helped. I would to thank Craig personally for making up this list because it ROCKS!!!!  We buy (and sell) lots of stuff on Craigslist. Well, we've been looking for a couple of months now for another bike (Chris already has one that he rides to school most days) as well as a toddler seat for a bike so that Cadence can ride with Chris (or me but mostly Chris).  I was really wanting to have one before we went on our Spring Break trip because I think it would be lots of fun while we're camping to be able to go on bike rides thru the park and stuff. So, Chris sent me a link from Craigslist for a bike WITH a child seat to look at. I looked at it and was really excited about it. It was a TREK mountain/hybrid bike with a toddler seat and helmet included!!  and the price was $85.  You might not think that is a great deal but it is. First of all, a TREK bike is real good. Even tho it's an older bike, you never see them on craigslist for less than 3-400 dollars and usually they're closer to 1000 or above. The seat that we got is a Rhode something or other. Looking those up online on like Amazon or EBAY they're between 85 and 200 themselves. Then, throw the TREK toddler helmet in (which still had a price tag of 34.99 on it) and we got a GREAT deal!  If you've actually made it thru and read all these words, you can be excited for us too. and I even added a picture (because that's what we're really looking for on a blog anyway)  Here are Cadence and Chris on their first bike ride together :)

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Elizabeth said...

Woo Hoo!!! I am SO glad that you guys found a bike for such a good deal. :) Now I'm looking forward to seeing vacation pictures of Cadence and Chris on the bike. Random thought... what does the helmet do to her hair? Now that would be a fun picture...